Houston Police Car Hit While Investigating Fatal Accident

The best Houston vehicle law firms are always shaken when police officers are put in danger in the line of duty. This is a sentiment shared by most people, because officers dedicate their lives to the service and protection of the community. Risk and danger are part and parcel of that profession, because of the increased exposure to crime and criminals, but it is still upsetting when officers are injured in the line of duty.

A fatal hit-and-run accident took place on early Sunday morning in southwest Houston near South Post Oak road and South Main. The accident took place at about 2:45 am when the tire of a car unexpectedly blew out after hitting the curb that separates the South Post Oak overpass and the feeder road. The man pulled over and got out of the car, stopping on the overpass, to change the blown out tire.

While the man was changing his tire, a van drove up and hit the man who was changing the tire. The van drove off and the man died at the scene of the accident. Two women were inside of the car when the accident occurred, but they were both uninjured.

Houston police arrived at the scene to investigate the original accident. An HPD cruiser was blocking the road to protect the investigating officers from approaching vehicles. While police were investigating, a white pickup truck drove by the accident site and hit the police car that was blocking the road. The driver of the truck attempted to flee the scene, but police were eventually able to apprehend the suspect, who was then taken into custody.

Fortunately there were no injuries as a result of the second incident. Police were able to catch the second hit-and-run driver—the one who struck the police car, but are still looking for the perpetrator of the first accident in which a man was killed.

Houston car accident lawyers

would like to remind people to never flee the scene of an accident. It can be scary when you realize you have been involved in an accident, or done something you did not intend to do—and for many people the initial reaction is to panic and flee. But police almost always find people who flee the scene of an accident, and it only makes the consequences worse if you do leave the scene of a crime and try to evade police.

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