How to Use a Letter of Protection After a Car Wreck

If you’ve been in a car wreck, you might have heard about a letter of protection—but what does this document do, and how do you use it?

When you’ve sustained severe injuries in an automobile accident, the cost of your hospital bills and medical treatments can be monumental. More often than not, victims who require hospitalization after serious collisions cannot pay their medical bills at the point of service. They’ll need to wait for a payout from their insurance company or a settlement in a court case to receive the funds they need from the driver who was at fault.  

Luckily for individuals who find themselves in this unfortunate position, the legal system has a provision for cases like these. With a “letter of protection” from a qualified attorney, car accident victims can have their medical bills postponed until a verdict has been reached in their case. The letter protects the clients from having to pay exorbitant fees to their healthcare provider that they can’t afford, all for an accident that wasn’t their fault in the first place.

Read on to learn more about how letters of protection work and what they can do for car wreck victims in Texas. 

What Does a Letter of Protection Do?

So what is a letter of protection, and what does it do? A letter of protection is a means through which a victim of a severe automobile accident can have their payment obligations to healthcare providers deferred until after they settle their case. The purpose of this practice is to help victims without health insurance be taken care of in the aftermath of a severe incident. 

Why Is It Necessary? 

Accident victims often cannot afford their medical bills before settling their case. For individuals without health insurance, the cost of medical treatment for severe injuries is often far too high to be paid upfront. 

A lawyer can file a personal injury claim in the form of a letter of protection on behalf of their client so that they can receive the medical care they need immediately without having to pay for it upfront. 

What Are the Repayment Terms?

Clients will need to pay their medical debts after settlement. Once a settlement has been reached in their court case, the client should receive the funds they need to cover their expenses. That is when they will need to pay their hospital bills in full. The letter of protection allows a delay in repayment until the client has the necessary funding to pay them. 

What Does the Letter of Protection Cover? 

This arrangement applies only to the treatment of injuries and medical care. While letters of protection are a lifeline for those who need them to cover medical expenses, they cannot defer the costs of other setbacks related to the same accident, such as automobile repair work. 

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