How to Prevent a Crash After a Tire Blowout in West Houston

A blowout happens when a tire becomes so flat and damaged that air pressure is immediately lost. This leads to the driver losing control of the vehicle, which is one of the top causes of road accidents. However, there are ways you can potentially prevent a crash after a blowout, including making sure that the tire is properly inflated. 

Below is a breakdown of tips for dealing with a blowout while driving, other ways to prevent it, and what you should do if you’ve been involved in a car wreck in Texas.

Tips for Dealing with a Tire Blowout While Driving

Every blowout is a dangerous occurrence, irrespective of the wheel that bursts. For some context, if it’s your front wheel, you’ll feel a violent jerking motion and your steering wheel will pull you towards the burst tire. For rear blowouts, you will sense the accident through your seat, and it will feel as though you are driving on a slippery surface.

There are a variety of reactions to take if you experience a burst tire, with the first and foremost major piece of advice being not to panic. Other crucial actions include:

Maintain Your Driving Posture

Stay in the correct driving posture behind the wheel, and ensure that you use both hands to retain control of the vehicle after the tire bursts. Don’t lie back or take your hand off the wheel as this will delay your defensive reactions.

Avoid Sudden Movements

Many vehicles have the capacity to maintain their balance for a short while after a blowout, even when going fast. Use this time to stay calm and raise your hazards to let other drivers know of your issue. Any sudden, violent movements could steer the car off balance and cause an accident.

Remove Your Foot From the Accelerator Slowly

Ensure you do this gently, as a sudden release of pressure could compromise the balance of the car.

Don’t Brake

This is imperative. While it may feel like a natural thing to do, braking will make the vehicle veer even further to one side.

Try and gain control of the car

If you’ve managed to regain control of the vehicle, you can then let it lose speed gradually. When you reach 25-30mph, you can begin to gently brake.

What Causes Blowouts that Create Accidents? 

There are a variety of factors that cause blowouts that then lead to car accidents. Some of the most common occurrences are:

  • Small wheel punctures that lose air slowly, resulting in failure of the tire pressure
  • Potholes
  • Overloading the vehicle, resulting in the tire giving way
  • Large cuts that cause air loss rapidly

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