How to Implement the Stowers Demand Letter in Texas

Anyone involved in a car crash knows that the next step is for their insurance (and possibly lawyers) to get involved. You have to file a claim, have the car accident assessed, and get a sum of damages determined. Only then will the insurance company pay up—most of the time.

In some cases, it’s necessary to get a law firm involved. Having the best car injury lawyer in West Houston is never bad, given that insurance companies tend to act in self-interest. 

The insurer may refuse to cover the amount stated in the policy. This situation is exactly what led to the Texas Stowers Doctrine.

What Is the Stowers Doctrine?

The law dates back to a ruling from 1929. A car wreck involving a vehicle belonging to the Stowers Furniture Company was clearly at-fault on the company’s part. The Stowers’ insurance policy with American Indemnity set limits at $5,000. With this limit, Stowers would have had to pay any car crash expenses exceeding $5,000. However, American Indemnity refused to pay their part to the other driver. 

The plaintiff (the party claiming against Stowers) made a time-sensitive offer for a settlement within the insurance policy’s limits, which would have let the defendant off additional costs. American Indemnity once again refused to pay up the $5,000, acting on Stowers’ behalf. The plaintiff’s attorney got involved and settled the case in court: the plaintiff received rewards of $12,207 plus costs.

Stowers hired lawyers and successfully sued American Indemnity for not accepting the offer. The upshot is twofold:

  1. In a car wreck in Texas, an insurance firm must accept an offer that their client would reasonably take themselves.
  2. A good car accident attorney can work wonders.

How Do I Send a Stowers Demand Letter?

If you’ve been in a car wreck in Texas, you need a good lawyer. Get in touch with the Stephens Law Firm. As your attorney, we can advise you on whether you could send a Stowers demand letter.

For your lawyer to send a successful demand, it’s crucial that

  1. Fault is clear
  2. The damages are equal to or over the limits of the defendant’s insurance policy.

The purpose of a Stowers demand letter is to reach an adequate settlement that releases the defendant from liability. A good attorney can help you determine this and take the case to the insurance company.

The Stowers Doctrine for Defendants

If you are at fault for a car crash, and your insurance company has received a Stowers demand letter, they need to respond appropriately. The Stephens Law Firm can act as your attorney if your insurance company refuses to pay, just as the original company’s lawyers did.

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