How Can Auto Policy Exclusions Affect Your Coverage in Texas?

Do you have an auto insurance policy in Texas and have just been in a car accident? Learn about the different auto policy exclusions can catch you off guard. Depending on the accident, you may not qualify for the coverage you thought you purchased. 

These exclusions have the potential to void your coverage under certain circumstances. As such, it’s crucial that you are familiar with each exclusion and the issues that can affect a car wreck, including death, if you lost a loved one on a wreck, contact an accidental death lawyer in West Houston today.

As stated by an automobile accident attorney in West Houston, the following are several auto policy exclusions that could affect your coverage in Texas.

What Are The Auto Policy Exclusions in Texas?

When learning about these policy exclusions, you will need to be familiar with their names and what they mean. Here are the terms your attorney will tell you to look for in both your standard and non-standard auto insurance after an accident: 

The Family Member Clause

This particular clause states the insurer won’t cover damages claimed against one member of a family by another while both are in the same insured vehicle. This clause exists to eliminate the possibility two family members might conspire to cause a car wreck and make a liability claim against the other. In Texas, this clause only refers to damages that are in an amount higher than the minimum insurance limits required by Texas law. 

Intentional Act Exclusion

Suppose the insured party intentionally causes injury during a car crash. The insurance coverage becomes void. In this case, the issue is that the driver intended to cause harm, not the car accident itself. 

Named Driver Exclusion

This clause refers to any specific person or persons excluded from the insurance policy but who still has permission to drive the vehicle. It often applies when someone lives with a high-risk driver. 

Owned-But-Unlisted-Vehicle Exclusion

This clause exempts coverage of vehicles that someone often drives but doesn’t own. It is common when someone owns several cars since each additional vehicle added to the insurance policy results in a higher payment. 

Act of God Exclusion

This policy excludes anything that occurs naturally that the driver cannot prevent. It means that if your vehicle gets damaged by a flood, hurricane, or hail, your insurance won’t cover the cost of repairs. 

Punitive Damages Exclusion

This coverage limitation applies in the event of a court case and a jury award. For example, suppose a driver with no insurance causes a car accident. It’s common for a jury to award punitive damages in addition to actual damages. The insurance policy would exclude the amount awarded since you’ve already received it.

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