Houston’s Beltway 8 Shut Down While Crews Repair Heat Damage

A winning Houston vehicle crash law firm knows how frustrating road closures can be to motorists. But in addition to the irritation factor, unexpected road closures can also cause roadway congestion and at the very worst, accidents.

The city of Houston residents have been suffering from the extreme temperatures this summer. And these temperatures have affected the roads as well. Officials reported that the concrete on Houston’s Beltway 8 got so hot that it expanded, causing cracks in the road that could be dangerous to motorists.

Due to the cracks in the road, work crews shut down the Beltway 8 Monday night in order to repair the heat-related damage. The southbound ramp from the Southwest Freeway to Beltway 8, and Beltway 8 eastbound between Greenspoint and Aldine Westfield are the areas that were affected by the heat damage.

Work crews started repairs at about 9 p.m. Monday night and were finished with the work before the Tuesday morning rush hour traffic, which is when the Beltway 8 lanes were reopened. There were no accidents or injuries as a result of the closed traffic lanes.

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