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Workers on offshore drilling platforms, seamen who man tugboats and other vessels, employees on fishing boats and other individuals who work offshore may encounter many kinds of job-related hazards. When accidents occur and you suffer serious injuries, you want the assurance that the you've chosen a top rated accident attorney in Houston that has experience specifically in maritime law. Because this area of the law is particularly complex, consult a lawyer who focuses on such cases for advice about compensation for your injuries.

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When a maritime worker is injured, federal laws may govern his or her eligibility to file a claim for compensation. The Jones Act is a centerpiece of maritime law that ensures that employees on drilling rigs, fishing boats, ships and in other specified circumstances are afforded similar protections to those made available to land-based employees under workers’ compensation laws. Covered workers may seek compensation for their injuries, including payment of medical expenses and lost wages. Houston personal injury attorney Joe Stephens has the legal knowledge to determine your eligibility to file for monetary damages under the Jones Act or other applicable federal and state maritime legislation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists numerous types of accidents that may occur in maritime settings. All are capable of causing serious injuries and death for the sailors, longshoremen and other workers who are routinely exposed to workplace hazards.

Common Offshore Accidents That May Cause Death Include:
  • Falls

  • Collisions with objects

  • Explosions

  • Crushing

  • Cave-ins

  • Electrocution

  • Fires

  • Asphyxiation

  • Toxic substance exposure

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Maritime law is applicable if you suffer injuries in an accident that takes place on America’s waterways, at sea, or in the Gulf of Mexico. Maritime accident attorney Joe Stephens also has the know-how to advise clients who are hurt in accidents that occur in foreign or international waters.

Houston offshore and maritime accident attorney Joe Stephens and the professionals at his Stephens Law Firm are familiar with the complexities of maritime law. Our location in Houston enables us to easily interact with the oil production and other companies with offshore operations that are headquartered in any of the gulf coast states. Houston personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Joe Stephens knows the laws that apply to accidents that take place on boats, drilling rigs, and in other offshore locations. His ability to investigate accidents and build evidence to create a compelling case has successfully served the interests of injury victims who were hurt in the Gulf of Mexico or on other bodies of water.

At the Stephens Law Firm, Houston accident lawyer Joe Stephens brings the full extent of his knowledge and experience as a successful negotiator and litigator to work for you. In cases where a maritime worker’s life has been lost through the negligence of an employer, Attorney Stephens’ representation of dependent loved ones aims to secure the monetary damages needed to help with the costs of final medical care, funeral expenses, lost wages and the lasting financial distress that a worker’s death causes. As an accomplished Houston personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, Joe Stephens is a compassionate and uncompromising advocate for families that suffer the devastating loss of a loved one. For injury victims, his proficiency and dedication result in settlements and awards that recognize the full extent of workers’ injuries and that ensure a lifetime of medical and financial needs will be met.

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Whether you’ve been injured in a maritime accident, a construction accident, through medical malpractice or misdiagnosis, harmed by a defective medical product, hurt in a refinery or other oil and gas accident, or injured in other circumstances, the Stephens Law Firm is the proven resource you need for reliable advice. Houston accident attorney Joe Stephens is a double board certified professional with the hard-hitting credentials that big corporations and insurance companies respect. Call today and ask about a free consultation to discuss your rights.