Houston Teens Convicted on 3 Counts of Manslaughter After Street Racing Crash

The best Houston automobile crash lawyers know what dangerous and deadly mechanisms motor vehicles can be. Many people who drive everyday take for granted the enormous responsibility they undertake every time they get behind the wheel of a car. And with teenagers, understanding this responsibility is often significantly lacking.

On Tuesday, a Houston Jury convicted two teenage boys who were accused of killing a mother and her two kids during a street racing crash. Christopher Yovino, aged 18, and Brett Taylor, aged 17 were each found guilty on three counts of manslaughter for the crash that killed 3 people.

According to prosecutors, Yovino and Taylor were racing each other in their cars, traveling over 90 miles per hour when the crash occurred. Yovino was driving a Chevy Tahoe that smashed into a minivan, containing a mother and her two children. The accident occurred in September 2010, and the three occupants of the minivan, Mayra Torres and her two kids – 14-year-old Christopher Nuno and 6-year-old Katia Nuno – were killed.

The teens dispute the claim that they were driving 90 miles per hour, stating in the trial that they were traveling at 40 miles per hour, which is just over the posted legal speed limit. Despite the fact that Yovino was driving the vehicle that hit and killed Torres and her two children, both boys were tried and convicted, because they both participated in the crime. The punishment phase of the case is the next step, and each boy could face up to 20 years in prison for their crime.

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