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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects millions of Americans each year. TBI involves an injury on the inside of the skull. TBI is classified according to the mechanism of injury as well as the severity of injury and other factors. The major complications and risks associated with a brain injury is swelling due to bleeding inside the brain. This is called a closed head injury.

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Joe Stephens has handled numerous brain injury cases. These cases have ranged from oil field explosions, car accidents, refinery accidents, work safety accidents, to motorcycle accident cases. In his experience, brain injuries may cause many long-lasting effects including emotional, behavioral, physical, and cognitive problems. A doctor of physical medicine as well as a neurologist or neurosurgeon needs to be involved with care in most cases. In most brain injury cases, it is necessary to hire a life-care planner to estimate the future medical needs of the victim. 

Traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of permanent disability and death in the United States. Accidents and workplace injuries commonly cause traumatic brain injuries. Any time a person has sustained a concussion; this is a mild brain injury. Often, concussions that last longer than a few days may involve a more serious injury and is not properly diagnosed. Long term problems often result even from mild brain injuries. Often even mild brain injuries involving concussions can increase the susceptibility to long-term brain injury in the future. That is why many pro football players must retire.

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Brain injuries are some of the most difficult injuries for a family to endure. It is often necessary to employ a psychiatrist and/or psychologist to assist the brain injury victim because it is likely he or she will experience lifetime behavioral and cognitive deficits. A neuropsychologist is important to evaluate the loss of cognitive and behavioral function of the injured individual. Further, a physical medicine doctor is usually hired to assist in the evaluation because of this doctor’s expertise in handling the wide array of anticipated future medical problems of the brain injury victim.

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