Houston Police Officer Fired For DWI

The Best Houston vehicle accident lawyers often work in tandem with the Houston police department to gather facts and information regarding a case. While many people understand that police officers are human beings, the community tends to see them as public servants first and foremost. This is why when an officer breaks the law himself, it is particularly unsettling for community.

In April of this year, a Houston police officer was involved in a collision with a school bus. At the time of the collision, it was determined that Sergeant Ruben Trejo was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. The bus driver, whom Trejo crashed into told officers at the scene that Trejo smelled like alcohol and had open beer bottles in his truck. Prosecutors charged Trejo with a DWI, saying that tests showed his blood alcohol to be twice the legal limit.

Sergeant Trejo was at first suspended from the Houston Police Department, pending further investigation. Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland confirmed that Trejo has now been fired as a result of this incident. Chief McClelland also stated that the investigation continues to be ongoing, and that other officers may be disciplined in connection with the April incident.

Trejo’s attorney, Paul Nugent released a statement saying that Trejo is a good man who made a big mistake.

It may indeed be the case that Trejo is a good man who simply made a big mistake: people make mistakes all the time. However, police officers tend to be held to a higher standard, in part because their chosen profession requires them to enforce the law upon others who may break it. Public opinion tends to require that officers live a life beyond reproach, or at least to themselves uphold the laws they have sworn to enforce.

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