Houston Man Arrested for Fatal Hit-and-Run Car Accident

A vehicle collision attorney in Houston Texas knows that sometimes accidents, particularly hit-and-run ones, either take time to solve, or in the worst cases go completely unsolved. A man was arrested for the death of a woman in a hit and run accident that occurred Friday, and was previously unsolved. A tip from the man’s coworker is what finally led to his arrest.

On Friday, July 8th, Rosie Mitchell was on the FM 1960 at about 3 a.m. when she tried to cross the eastbound lanes. She was hit by a Nissan Armada and the car kept driving, and Mitchell died at the scene.

Jose Louis Coss was arrested on today (Monday, July 11th) in connection with the hit-and-run that caused Mitchell’s death. Coss is a food contractor at the Bush Intercontinental Airport, and told his collegues that he hit an animal on his way to work. Something about the details of his story didn’t add up to one of his coworkers, and contacted the authorities. After being contacted by Coss’s coworker, Houston authorities began searching for both Coss and his damaged vehicle. After a lengthy interview where Coss gave a variety of answers to the authorities as to what took place, Coss finally admitted to hitting Mitchell.

Deputy Constable Ron Hickman interviewed Coss, and finally got the full story out of him. “The story went from a cow, to a deer that he saw run off into the woods, to ultimately where he knew he hit a person,” said Hickman. “During an interview [on Monday] he gave variations of different stories, ultimately admitting that he did strike the lady,” Hickman said. “Apparently he was scared and left the scene.”

This story illustrates how careful both pedestrians and drivers need to be when on the road. Especially late at night when people may have been drinking and drivers tend to pay less attention because there is less traffic so fewer people on the road are expected. Also, if you are ever involved in an incident where you accidentally strike a pedestrian, always stop to assess the situation and contact the police. Trying to escape the consequences of your actions, as well as trying to hide from authorities, never works. Police are trained in investigation, and few people ever really evade police. And the consequences are always worse once the police do find you.

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