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Automobile accidents are, unfortunately, not a rare occurrence. With over 20 major interstates and multiple smaller interstates, West Houston sees a vast amount of people traveling through each day. In the United States, the volume of drivers on the road combined with high-speeds, bad seatbelt laws, and general driving errors, means accidents happen frequently. 

If you or someone you love has been in a truck accident, then you need the best semi truck law firm in West Houston to give you a helping hand. At The Stephens Law Firm, we know just how terrible a truck crash can be, for everyone involved, especially when the collision sadly results in a fatality. Joe Stephens can help you on your journey to getting justice when battling wrongful death and severe injury cases. 

Causes of Accidents in West Houston and Texas

One of the worst things about truck and automobile accidents is that those who suffer most, as a result, are rarely to blame. It is why having a top rated West Houston auto crash attorney on your side will be beneficial to you as a victim. 

Some common reasons why accidents happen on the interstate are:

These reasons can cause danger to absolutely anyone on the road. Accidents don’t discriminate. As a result of the above kind of driving, multi-car pile-ups can happen, high-speed crashes, bus, and truck crashes are all possible dangers. 

Seeking Legal Help After a West Houston Interstate Truck Accident 

Lawsuits involving an 18-wheeler can be tricky. A crash involving a commercial truck can often mean there is more to deal with than just the driver themselves. If you sustained an injury in a big truck collision as a driver or passenger in another vehicle, you will want help in filing a legal claim.

A victim of injury or death following a truck wreck should be eligible for compensation, and you should contact a wrongful death lawyer in West Houston to help you fight for your rights. Compensation can cover various issues that arise after an accident, such as high medical bills, loss of income, emotional stress, and wrongful death.  

Trucking companies will almost always have a team of experienced legal expertise to fight your claim—which is why you need a strong counsel of your own.

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West Houston Interstate Truck Accident Attorney

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Attorney Joe Stephens has spent over 30 years fighting for justice and maximum compensation for victims of devastating truck accidents. With The Stephens Law Firm, you can expect results, with no payment on your end until you get them. Give Joe Stephens a call today on 281-623-1701. You’re not alone through this; we can help. 

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