West Houston Lawyer for Truck Accident Pelvic Injury

Not everyone that’s been in a truck wreck in West Houston needs a lot of medical attention and legal compensation. However, if the accident has injured your pelvis, then you’re going to need help.

Pelvic injuries are intense and complicated. These accidents are only caused by intense trauma, like being hit by a commercial truck. Not only is the pain immeasurable, but you’ll also most likely suffer from immobility or limitation of movement.  You’ll be left with a long road to recovery and a great demand for compensation from the responsible parties.

Here’s what you need to know about seeking justice after a truck wreck in West Houston.  

Dealing with Collision Variables

In most cars, the pelvis is aligned with the parts of the machine that absorb most of the impact from a truck crash. Not only does the impact sometimes break pelvic bones, but there are also other factors that could lead to pain:

  • Seat Height: Seats, on average, are aligned with the bumper of the car. If you collide head-on with a commercial truck, the force will crush your bumper and impact your already contorted pelvis.
  • Airbags: While airbags are necessary to prevent, sometimes they release with enough force to crack or break pelvic bones.
  • Engine Compromise: When a big truck collides with you or you’re riding in the big rig vehicle when the truck crash occurs, the engine could come crashing into the cab. The force of an 18-wheeler is enough to crush your legs and pelvis.
  • Steering Wheel: No matter whether the impact was light or heavy, the steering wheel can cave towards you and deal damage to your pelvis and torso.
  • Debris: Whether you’re in a head-on big rig collision or are hit by the side, the debris will fly into your vehicle and could trigger respiratory issues and potentially enter orifices, leading to more damage than your pelvic injury.

How an Attorney Will Help You

An auto accident attorney in West Houston will listen to your case, whether it’s via phone call, email, or physical appointment. From there, they will collect evidence and build a case to help you gain compensation. They’ll examine factors, such as the road environment, the other driver, and the condition of the 18-wheeler.

When it comes time to settle, your attorney will have prepared a strong case for you, which should lead to compensation and peace f mind. If the other party refuses to settle, your attorney will fight for your big truck accident case in court, and if you have lost a loved one, don’t hesitate to contact some of the greatest West Houston negligent death attorneys now.

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West Houston Pelvic Injury Truck Accident Attorney

Call an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in West Houston

If you’ve been in a truck and are looking to gain compensation for a pelvic injury, contact Joe Stephens, a truck crash law firm in West Houston. We understand the pain, trauma, and suffering that comes as a result of a collision and want you to recover in comfort. 

Our legal team is there with you the entire process. You can contact The Stephens Law Firm 24/7 hotline to discuss your case. We will work with you free of charge until you get compensation for your injuries. 

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