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Safe Auto is a major insurance company that sells automobile policies across multiple states within the US. Founded in 1993 and privately-owned, they built their reputation on accepting all drivers. However, they now face a slew of lawsuits for their ‘minimum limits’ coverage.

What Are the Safe Auto Insurance Policies?

Different insurance companies can issue different kinds of policies. So, what types of policies does this company provide? What this business has in great abundance are minimum limits policies tailored toward the nonstandard insurance market. These policies cover drivers with issues like:

  • Bad credit
  • High-risk vehicles
  • A bad driving history
  • Older age drivers

The company also offers standard insurance policies with slightly better coverage but primarily provides low coverage in Texas. By law, nonstandard insurers can keep policy values private unless asked about it specifically in a lawsuit.

File a Lawsuit to Receive the Most Compensation From Safe Auto Insurance

If you have been the victim of Safe Auto’s harmful Minimum Limits policies, filing a claim may be your best course of action. What is the problem with minimum limits exactly? 

Well, this policy puts users who want bare minimum coverage for their car in the position of agreeing to problematic “accidental death benefits” in the wake of a car accident. This extra coverage is an addition that comes with the policy without the knowledge of the nonstandard consumer. It creates a price increase and takes advantage of the unwilling policy recipient.

Filing a lawsuit can be the only way to claim the compensation and coverage that you deserve. Schedule your consultation with the best vehicle wreck attorneys in West Houston to begin the process of opening a case against Safe Auto Insurance.

Remember to act with skepticism and caution when dealing with insurance agents. It is common for these representatives to behave friendly while attempting to collect a statement that will harm your car wreck case. For this reason, assume that insurers are recording all calls, which they may try to use as evidence against you. Know that you have a right to deny a recorded statement and to deny speaking until your lawyer is present. Having a lawyer is often the best course of action as it ensures that the Safe Auto claim adjuster won’t collect a statement that they can twist around to dispute liability.

Call an Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in West Houston

Joe Stephens is well versed in disputing auto insurers such as Safe Auto when they take advantage of their clients. With more than 30 years as the best West Houston 18-wheeler collision attorney, his process involves supporting the victims of car crashes and their right to seek financial compensation in court. Medical bills and property damage costs can be challenging to mitigate when a company like Safe Auto gets involved. Trust the Stephens Law Firm to guide you to success in court and help you get the coverage you deserve to help you heal and move past your accident. 

Schedule your free consultation today. Your first consultation is no obligation, so you can take time to decide whether we are the right team to help you seek compensation from Safe Auto Insurance.

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