West Houston Attorney for Lawsuit Against Farmers Auto Insurance

Farmers Insurance Group might know a thing or two, as their notable slogan goes; however, are they really for you? As a multi-billion dollar company, Farmers Insurance has a lot to show for, but their promise to keep clients’ best interests at heart might be lacking. 

According to the American Association for Justice (the AAJ), their recent report on the top worst insurance companies in America ranks Farmers at number 7. This report is based on the insurance companies that raise premiums, refuse insurance to people who need it the most, and deny claims. Perhaps Farmers is on this list because they were reportedly dishonest with clients and discouraged them from seeking an attorney.  

No doubt, people must be wary when selecting an insurance company. This is why it is so beneficial for people to seek the best West Houston automobile injury lawyers to ensure the clients’ best interest is upheld after they’ve been involved in a car crash. 

Why is Having a Car Accident Attorney so Vital?

Car accidents happen daily. In 2019, over 36,000 lives were lost on United States roads. 

Those who get into car crashes and come out alive are sometimes few and far between. If you get involved in an accident or are injured in one, it’s essential to have a lawyer by your side who will help your case. 

The legalities can be brutal for anyone unfamiliar with law or insurance. Having a lawyer with you can help you win your case. An accident attorney’s duties might include:

  • Helping you receive compensation for any losses or injuries
  • Investigating your wreck and those involved 
  • Filing for any insurance claims available 
  • Helping you receive medical care 
  • Negotiating a settlement

Why Consult a Lawyer Before Filing an Insurance Claim?

One reason you should have an attorney evaluate your car wreck case beforehand is so that they can help you through the hurdles that come with insurance companies. 

For example, Farmers Insurance uses software called Colossus to analyze claims and value cases. They use this to calculate pain and suffering for every client; however, they audit the medical bills down so that they appear to cost less than they actually do. 

What does this mean? You would need the right documentation to make your pain and suffering calculation higher, and then the company would have to pay more for you. An accident attorney could help with this if a client ran into this situation with Farmers or another company. 

Call an Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in West Houston

If you have been involved or injured in a car wreck, you need to consult a good West Houston truck accident injury law firm that will stand with you and fight for your case. Joe Stephens is the man for the job. With over 30 years of experience, he is knowledgeable about all types of cases, particularly car accidents. His law firm is small and personable, his team always puts the client first, and they are ready to bring you the justice you deserve. 

Stephens Law Firm is for the lawsuit against Farmers Insurance and believes that every client has a right to be treated fairly. Don’t hesitate to contact his law firm with your case to get a free consultation. Let Joe Stephens fight for you — give him a call today!   

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