West Houston Attorney for Lawsuit Against ACCC Auto Insurance

After surviving a car accident, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether your insurance provider is in your corner. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies in West Houston are fair, and many car accident victims struggle to receive the compensation they deserve.

American Century Casualty Company is an insurance company based in West Houston that offers its customers the absolute bare minimum coverage. Below, you will read about this company’s history of misleading its clients, how they do it, and what you can do if you are a victim of their claim process.

ACCC And Its History

American Century Casualty Company is located in West Houston, and goes by several names, including:

  • Best Texas General Agency, Inc.
  • Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Co
  • American Century Claims Service

The company mainly markets to high-risk drivers or drivers that will likely have trouble being insured by bigger name companies due to prior tickets, a car wreck, bad credit, and so on. It does this by offering nonstandard auto insurance policies that will provide the least amount of coverage legally within the state of Texas. Get in contact with a top-rated West Houston auto accident lawyer today for more advising.

What is a Non-Standard Auto Policy?

A non-standard auto policy is very basic in terms of what it actually covers. It is only dictated that a driver possesses a minimum of $60,000 for a car wreck for bodily injury liability and only $30,000 per person in the state of Texas. This can consistently leave drivers stranded with no personal injury protection, which can cause a slew of issues down the line if they become involved in a car crash that causes bodily injury.

Common Complaints 

ACCC is currently rated one out of five stars on the Better Business Bureau, with many complaints being attributed to its history of lack of contact returns. Many reports state that ACCC denies claims to its customers due to a deliberate lack of contact in which agents cannot be reached for days or even weeks at a time. 

Another person complained in May 2020 that they received a letter from ACCC stating that services were run on their vehicle, which was said to have been involved in an accident. The issue was that this reviewer was not even insured by the company, did not own the vehicle in question, and expressed concern at their names and address being possessed by this company when they had done no prior business with them.

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West Houston ACCC Insurance Accident Attorney

Call an Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in West Houston

Being involved in a car crash is an unfortunate reality that millions of Americans face every year, death rates increase every year due to road accidents, contact a negligent death attorney in West Houston to fight for your case. When that happens, you should be covered by a company that truly cares about your wellbeing. 

ACCC has proved repeatedly that it does not stand by its customers, and our attorneys are here to support its victim. Joe Stephens knows that compensation from ACCC is possible, and his law firm will help you get the money you deserve. You are just one free consultation away from getting the support. Call Joe Stephens today to speak to an attorney of a trucking crash law firm in West Houston.

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