Fiery Big Rig Crash in Houston Leaves 2 Fatalities, Backs up Beltway

Houston automobile crash injury lawyers know that when a big-rig is involved in an accident, it is often much more severe than if two motor vehicles collide. 18-wheeler trucks are so heavy, particularly depending on they type of cargo they are carrying, that when they do strike a car, the impact is much more significant than if one car or SUV crashes into another.

Just after 2 a.m. this morning a driver was stopped at a toll booth on the North Sam Houston Tollway, when a big rig smashed into the back of the driver’s vehicle. The 18-wheeler ran over the car, and car both erupted in flames, and according to Houston Police Department Authorities, both drivers were killed.

The HPD has not yet established how fast the truck was moving, nor if either vehicle had passengers. Authorities suspect that the truck driver may have fallen asleep, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The accident occurred at the Antoine exit resulting in traffic was backup in the westbound lanes of the Tollway. In order to avoid the accident, drivers will need to exit at Ella, and take the feeder road past Highway 249 in order to avoid the accident and subsequent backup. Until the accident is cleared and traffic is back to normal, the Harris County Toll Authority is waving the toll fee for drivers entering and exiting the tollway in that area, in order to help improve the flow of traffic. Authorities encourage anyone heading to or from the Bush Intercontinental Airport to avoid the Beltway entirely.

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