DWI Suspects Exposed on San Antonio Billboards

A great Houston auto accident attorney knows that repeated DWI suspects present a serious threat to other drivers on the road. Some DWI suspects are either not apprehended, or after they commit one offense, get out on bail and continue to commit other offenses for which it is difficult to find them.

San Antonio police have a new solution to this problem which Houston car accident attorneys think is an excellent idea: they are now putting the faces of DWI offenders on city billboards to help raise awareness, and ultimately to assist in the apprehension of these criminals.

The San Antonio Police Department announced that it will broadcast the faces of people wanted for DWI felonies on 12 electronic billboards throughout the city. The faces of about 100 suspects will be show on a rotating basis on special billboards posted alongside San Antonio highways.

The billboard advertisements were donated to the city at no cost by Clear Channel, and will remain in place for at least a month. San Antonio police chief William McManus said that the billboard initiative sends a message to all drivers, particularly to victims of the crime or their family members that police are doing everything they can to apprehend suspects. If you are driving in the San Antonio area and recognize any of the faces on the billboards, police request that you call 210.225.8477 to help assist police in apprehending these criminals.

Drunk driving accidents are one of the most prevalent types of motor vehicle accidents, and among the most senseless and tragic because they are utterly preventable. Repeated offenders especially should not be able to get away with their crimes time after time. If the initiative in San Antonio is successful, it may be a technique that spreads and is implemented in other Texas cities.

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