Do I Need to File a Police Report After an 18-Wheeler Accident?

If you find yourself in an accident involving a large commercial truck, it will inevitably leave you shaken – especially if you’ve suffered an injury. With this in mind, you probably won’t want to think about filing a police report and having to go through the whole experience again.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already filed a crash report, you will need to do so. A police accident report will document the incident officially and allow you to make a written statement detailing how the accident happened. In order to make sure you do everything necessary for your claim, it’s best to have a West Houston trucking crash lawyer available after your wreck.

How to Report a Semi Truck Accident

In West Houston, Texas, reporting a truck accident and filing a police report is mandatory. In fact, Texas law requires you to report any accident in which injuries, fatalities, or damages exceed $1,000. With a big truck collision, damages of this amount are much more likely. 

If you can, you should always phone the police from the scene of the truck wreck. If this isn’t possible, you can report the accident from the police station or online. Note that you should report all accidents that occur in West Houston to the West Houston Police Department.

What Information is Needed for a Truck Wreck Report?

When you file your police report, there are some pieces of vital information you must include:

  • Name and address
  • Yours and other driver’s license number
  • Location of the accident 
  • Date and time the accident occurred
  • List of injuries and property damages
  • Driver statements

You must fill in the report honestly and completely, as it will be a critical part of your case. 

Can I Receive a Copy of My Report?

If you have been in a truck crash in West Houston, you have the right to request a copy of the accident report, called a CR-3.

The Texas Department of Transportation holds CR-3, and you can request a copy by contacting the TxDOT. However, CR-3s are confidential. It means they are not available for public use online, as they count as private information. 

You should access your report as soon as it becomes available and present a copy to your lawyer or attorney. Your attorney will need to read your CR-3 to understand the accident’s details and determine how useful it is. The document can help you with your case and defend you and your rights.

Call an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in West Houston

Have you been in an accident involving an 18-wheeler in West Houston, Texas? Know that you must file a police report as soon as you can and contact the best West Houston auto accident lawyer.

Understandably, this is an unsettling time for you. Here at The Stephens Law firm, we can help. We have been in business for over 30 years and have recovered millions for clients in the process. Whether you were the driver in a big truck accident or a passenger or bystander and a big rig caused your injury, or you have lost someone, a negligent death law firm in West Houston can help and you and may qualify for compensation. Our attorneys will work hard to settle your personal injury and wrongful death cases.

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