Designated Driver Killed in Road Rage Incident in Houston

A good Houston vehicle injury lawyer always encourage motorists to assign a designated driver to a party of people, if the people anticipate being out drinking. Drunk driving accidents are extremely prevalent, and wholly preventable. Organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) pioneered the idea of assigning a designated driver the responsibility of getting people who had been out drinking safely home, so they didn’t risk a drunk driving accident.

Sadly, a man who had taken on the responsibility of being a designated driver to his friend who wanted to go out drinking, was shot and killed in a road rage incident over the weekend. In an unfortunate twist of fate, this responsible man who was trying to prevent an accident by volunteering as a designated driver, was himself involved in one that turned out to be fatal.

The incident happened early Sunday morning at about 3:45 a.m. in an apartment complex near the intersection of Plum Creek and Gulf Creek in Southwest Houston. According to police, a Jeep carrying a driver and one passenger cut off the car that was being driven by the designated driver. The Jeep apparently cut off the designated drivers car, and the two men exchanged words. The Jeep then followed the designated drivers car into the apartment complex, where the argument continued and escalated.

During the argument, one of the people in the Jeep pulled out a gun and shot the designated driver, who was transported to a nearby hospital but later died. Houston police arrived quickly at the scene, apprehended the shooter and took him into custody. Formal charges against the suspect have not yet been released.

Houston car accident lawyers are saddened by this incident, because the designated driver was doing all the correct and recommended things to prevent a drunk driving accident. But because he was caught up in a road rage exchange, the evening turned fatal for another reason.

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