City of Houston Issues Almost 2,800 Tickets as a Result of Red Light Cameras

A good vehicle injury attorney in Houston, TX know what a controversy the city’s red light cameras have been since they’ve been installed. The city has a released a statistic that is certain to add more fuel to the fire: that nearly 2,800 red light citations have been issued to motorists who have run red lights since the cameras were turned on July 24th.

During the 2010 Houston elections, voters decided that the red light cameras should be turned off. In June of this year those election results were invalidated and the red light cameras were once again turned on in the city of Houston on July 24th. U.S District Judge Lynn Hughes ruled that his June decision would remain, and that the red light cameras would remain in place and in use. Judge Hughes decided that the voters who opposed the red light cameras waited too long to put the issue on the ballot, which violated the city charter governing timing for repeal of an ordinance.

For motorists who may not be aware of how the red light cameras work, the above diagram will be helpful. If you are already in the intersection when the traffic light turns yellow, you will not be issued a red light violation. But if you enter the intersection once the traffic light has turned yellow, you will usually still be in the intersection once the light turns red, in which case the camera will take a picture of your license plate and you will be issued a ticket for a red light violation.

The Arizona based company, American Traffic Solutions, which operates and monitors the red light cameras reported that about 3,400 vehicles had been photographed at intersections where the red light cameras are in place, but only about 2,800 citations have officially been sent to motorists.

Despite the red light cameras being such a hot button political issue, Houston car accident lawyers maintain that they are a good idea. A study from the Texas Transportation Institute that was released on the 1st of August determined that accidents at intersections where the red light cameras had been installed fell 25%. Regardless of the hullabaloo that this issue has raised city-wide, a reduction in motor vehicle accidents can only be viewed as a positive thing.

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