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Your loved ones and those involved will likely be the initial thing on your mind in the event that you are involved in a truck accident. Did you get hurt? Are emergency services necessary? Did someone already call 9-1-1? Typically, these are only the primary few fears (of many) that you’ll have following an accident.

A Professional Trucking Collision Attorney Will Advise You

Most commercial truck accident cases are likely to be completely different when compared with West Houston car collision lawsuits. In most instances, a big rig accident will lead to far more significant injuries than common car accidents. A trucking company, together with their legal professionals and insurance adjusters, are going to try and minimize the happenings detailed by harmed persons involved in a wreck. Among the countless specialist personal injury attorneys out there, Joe Stephens is one of the few that is well qualified to deal with truck accidents. Thousands of individuals have prevailed in their trucking accident cases thanks to our help. If you have been struck by a commercial truck or 18 wheeler, don’t simply employ any law firm; hire the best West Houston trucking wreck lawyer with the experience, energy, and track record to get you the full compensation you deserve!

We’ll get started working on the case and giving you aide from the moment you give our legal team a call. Evidence seems to dissipate soon following a accident, particularly if negligent parties are wanting to mask responsibility for the accident. In most instances, it is a good idea to have us in your corner to start researching the case before any evidence is obscured.

Whether you or a family member has been harmed in a truck accident, you may have a lot of concerns and questions about what the next move needs to be. If you’re unclear about how to proceed, please get in touch and we’ll supply you with a no-cost consultation – and since we’re available 24/7, you can contact us any time you need through the website or by dialing 281-623-1701. There’s no need to worry about the cost of the case evaluation that our big rig wreck injury specialists offer, since it’s free! Furthermore, if you decide to work with us to help with your case, you’ll only have to pay us once you win – with no fees whatsoever if we don’t have success.

We’re Here To Establish Which Party Was Actually To Blame for Your Crash

Unfortunately, a truck company will often have commercial policies to shield them from driver claims made for wrongful death and personal injury. Insurance policies commonly include high liability coverage amounts, this is why virtually all insurance carriers work tirelessly to win these cases. As you could expect, this will encourage most insurance providers to do whatever they can to retain their funds, and pay-out the minimum amount possible. You should have a lawyer who has experienced positive results in litigating with trucking companies in the past. Your lawyer should be seasoned in handling these cases, not still learning the nuances of truck accident law.

When you enlist the assistance of Joe Stephens, he’ll get to work on researching the company’s pertinent logs and documents, as well as putting to work an accident reconstruction team to examine the site and all autos involved for extra evidence.

With this data, we’ll typically be in a position to determine if and when the truck tried to stop, how fast the vehicle was travelling, and more; including any Federal safety regulation violations that could have occurred.

That is not all though, as Joe will spend time to discover more about your personal injuries, if and how they will be cared for, as well as the medical related bills associated with both present and potential treatment.

With all this taken care of, we’ll move on to establishing the total of compensation you deserve.

Before taking your lawsuit to court, we’ll try to procure a sensible recovery – and if we can’t, we’ll do everything in our power to show the careless party was to blame.

Obtaining A Settlement for Your Damages

Making payments can often become a much more stressful task after a trucking accident occurs. With the consequence that trucking accidents can have on an individuals life, it’s understandable that your legal rights and damages should bring you a just amount of compensation. After you hire our firm, it becomes our duty to not only guarantee that no stone goes unturned, but also that you get the greatest compensation available.

Examples of the questions we may ask potential clients regarding the accident include:

  • Was any physical damage or fatality caused by the incident?
  • How serious are the property damages the crash caused?
  • If law enforcement were contacted, did they take a statement from you?
  • Was the truck driver arrested, or did police officers write a citation?
  • Are there any medical and/or insurance expenses involved?
  • Are you still going through medical care?
  • Did the incident and the resulting damages prevent you from working?
  • Are there residual side effects from your injuries?
  • Are you experiencing bodily disabilities or agony?
  • Do you recollect anything from just before the collision happened?

In Texas, some of the legal compensation for victims involved in these types of accidents include:

  • Essential and reasonable treatment costs (including ongoing)
  • Both physical and mental issues (current and ongoing)
  • A loss in pay for the current and future
  • Physical Impairment
  • Exemplary or punitive compensation in applicable cases
  • Any survival damages awarded for wrongful death

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When you contact the Stephens Law Firm, Accident Lawyers, you will speak with a legal team you can count on. We won’t try to persuade you to take a settlement that’s less than what you lawfully are entitled to, and we ensure that we’re open and sincere with you the whole time. With our experience and skill, we’re well equipped go head to head with truck companies and their insurers. Over time, we’ve discovered that it’s usually more effective to be aggressive on behalf of our clients, and to not back off and try to soften the blow.

For 30 years (and counting), we’ve been known as some of the toughest in the state for helping victims of a commercial truck wreck. We know how tight money can be in these instances, which is why we offer our legal counsel on a contingency fee basis. Don’t leave your rights to chance for a MINUTE longer! To begin, fill in the form on this page or phone us on 281-623-1701 for more information. The time to get the recovery you deserve is now! Click Here for Directions to Our West Houston commercial truck accident Law Firm