Briargrove Couple Die in Houston Car Crash: 3 Children in Hospital

Top rated auto collision lawyers in Houston, TX are used to seeing tragedy—but there is hardly anything more horrifying than when children are left parentless due to a fatal motor vehicle accident. A two-vehicle accident took the lives on Josh and Robin Berry on Saturday on Highway 285, and their three children still remain in the hospital.

The Berry family was returning from a vacation in Colorado, when their minivan was hit head on by a car that veered into their lane of traffic near Fort Stockton. The driver of the car was hospitalized in critical condition, and his passenger was killed in the crash, along with the Berry parents.

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The three Berry children, 9-year old Peter, 8-year old Aaron and 6-year old Willa were hospitalized in serious condition, and still remain hospitalized. According to the Jewish-Herald Voice newspaper, both Peter and Aaron were paralyzed from the waist down. Aaron also had to undergo abdominal surgery to repair lacerations to some internal organs due to the impact of the accident. The boys will need intensive physical therapy to recover from their injuries, and since they are still in the very early stages of recovery, it is unknown if they will every have movement in their legs again. Their little sister Willa was not injured as severely; she suffered a broken ankle and a broken arm but was not injured in any other way.

The children apparently had not been told yet that their parents didn’t survive the crash. Jennifer Deutsch who is a family friend that went to take care of the children after the crash told the press, “The family decided that they’re going to tell the children when the three of them are able to hear the news together. For the time being, they’ve been told that they are in a special hospital for children and that their parents are in a place for grown-ups.” The children remain in a hospital in Lubbock where the accident took place. When they are stable enough to be moved, doctors have said that they will be taken back to Houston.

The cause of the accident is unknown or has not yet been released, but as is always the case with severely damaging head-on collision accidents, alcohol use is always a suspected factor.

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