Finding the Best Stop Sign Car Accident Lawyer in West Houston

Every year thousands of people are seriously injured or lose their lives when drivers run through stop signs. Essentially, you aren’t safe when stopping at an intersection as you never know if another driver will ignore the stop signs and cause an accident. 

For this situation to be rectified, it’s important to report stop sign accidents to the police and to not let perpetrators get away with it. Dealing with a case like this can be stressful and complicated. It’s best to hire an auto accident or personal injury attorney to help you navigate the process. 

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, you could hire any car crash law firm near you, or you can hire a good automobile injury attorney in West Houston. Joe Stephens has been defending injury victims in Texas for over 3 decades from negligent individuals, companies, and greedy insurance companies. As a small injury law firm in Katy, TX, Joe handles all cases personally, and his staff is always available to answer questions.

Why You Need a Good West Houston Stop Sign Car Wreck Attorney

To have a good chance of winning your case against a driver who ran a stop sign and caused your crash, or claiming from insurance, you need to follow protocols. A case will need to be carefully developed using evidence from the accident scene, as well as support from other relevant area experts. 

An auto accident attorney will investigate the matter in-depth for you to ascertain the exact cause of the accident and thereby who is liable for the damages. Our members will examine the accident intersection area thoroughly. 

We may check with traffic engineers to find out if the area is a hotspot for accidents. It sometimes happens that experts ascertain the intersection needs a traffic light system for traffic flow to operate safely. In this case, you may be able to file an insurance claim with the state. To do this, you would need to prove the stop sign did not offer sufficient safety. For instance:

  • The stop sign intersection is a dangerous zone.
  • This danger and its causes were a major cause of the stop sign accident.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It helps to have a lawyer present to help you in the event of an accident. Doing so may save you from serious injury or death, and a lot of hassle. It may also help you to avoid liability for an accident if the fault may be yours. 

Abiding by the laws of the road may also help you if you do find yourself in an accident – at least you know you are normally doing the right thing. When coming to a stop sign you should:

  • Always come to a complete halt
  • Count up to three after you’ve stopped
  • Check for cars coming left, right, and in front of you if applicable
  • Follow the protocol of whoever stops first may move off first

Don’t Wait too Long

If you do find yourself in a stop sign accident scenario, don’t wait too long to file a claim. Typically, accident claims need to be registered within a certain period of time. This is usually a maximum of two years. It can take time to get all the correct paperwork and evidence in order to present your case effectively. So, make sure you start gathering all you need as soon as possible. 

Our firm can help to guide you with everything you need, and take you through the step-by-step process of filing a claim. We can help you get the most out of your settlement. 

If You Were Injured in a Car Wreck Call West Houston Injury Attorney Joe Stephens Now

A stop sign accident is traumatic at best, expensive in terms of damage to your vehicle and medical bills, and it can lead to irreparable injuries such as paralysis. This can forever impact your ability to earn and to enjoy life. Don’t let those liable get away without providing you with the compensation you deserve. 

Our team is sure to get your case in order properly. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck in Texas, call auto accident attorney Joe Stephens now. We look forward to advising you to make the best decisions for your stop sign accident circumstances. 

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