Best Semi Truck Driving Schools in Houston

Truck driving is a reliable career with lots of opportunities and job security. No matter what is going on in the world, trucking jobs are plentiful. Because Houston is a major transportation thoroughfare, the number of local employers hiring continues to increase. While it is possible to earn your CDL without a training program, the savings often do not prove worth it in the long run. With less hands-on experience of different rigs and fewer hours behind the wheel, you might find it harder to get a job.

There are two options when earning a CDL. First, you can pay for it yourself. If you can afford it, this is the ideal option. Courses typically range between $1,000 and $10,000. If you don’t have the available credit or funds, then you can sign a contract with a future employer. They pay for your certification, but in exchange, you make less money during your first year and are committed to working there for a designated time. Entering your career without a strict contract leaves you with more options to find the best situation for you. If you can, we recommend paying for your course out of pocket. And if you’re going to drive a big rig then you better have a top rated truck injury lawyer in West Houston on your side in case you ever get involved in a collision. Personal injury lawyers in West Houston can be brutal if they find that you are at fault in a truck accident case, and even worst if someone has been killed in the accident, in that case, contact an experienced accidental death law firm in West Houston to legally represent you.

Houston boasts many local places to complete a semi truck operator certification. It also has some of the worst locations for 18-wheeler accidents in Texas. Many people interested in becoming truck drivers have to factor in a hotel or other travel costs for their CDL school. Our options are some of the most affordable in the country, especially when you factor in the lack of travel expenses. Keep reading for the best three Houston commercial trucking schools.

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HCC Commercial Truck Driving

Part of the Houston Community College system, the HCC Commercial Truck Driving school is an accredited, top choice for quality education. The 12-week program offers daytime, evening, or weekend courses. Rolling registration ensures that you can begin your training whenever you’re ready. Financial aid and scholarships are available through the college. The price of admission includes not only your course work but also a drug test and physical. At the end of the program, you’ll have a Texas official Class A Commercial Driver’s License. With their high rate of job placements after graduation, you’ll be driving commercial trucks in no time after graduation.

555 Community College Dr
Houston, TX 77013
(713) 718 8200

A&B CDL Training School

A&B understands that not everyone can spend months on end learning everything to start their new career. Many individuals need to keep their day job while they study and work for something better. Most of the big truck driving programs involve self-study. You master the book basics and take your DMV test for your commercial driver’s permit. Then, the licensed, insured, and experienced teachers at A&B take you through the hands-on work. Courses typically include between 8 and 10 hours of driving time. If you’re already confident in your ability to learn information on your own and can pick up new skills quickly, then the A&B Commercial Truck Driver Training program is the ideal choice for you.

11303 Chimney Rock Road
Houston, TX 77035
(713) 270 6498

CDL Express Truck Rentals

Many of the certifications from CDL Express Truck Rentals are available online and only last around five weeks from start to finish. This flexibility makes it easy to add credentials to your existing license while you’re already working. Some schools only offer Class A CDL certifications. However, here they have eight different qualifications for 18-wheeler and other commercial driving. It’s nice to know that you can grow your skills without having to find a new educational avenue.

9800 Eastex Fwy
Houston, TX 77093
(713) 694 1449

Whether you’re newly out of high school and looking for your first career path or are ready for a change after years in your industry, commercial driving has options for you. The life of a long-haul trucker isn’t easy, but the salary and travel opportunities are worth the work and sacrifice. One of these Houston commercial trucking schools may be the start of an exciting new chapter in your life!

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