Best Motorcycle Repair Shops in Houston, Texas

A simple search on Google looking up motorcycle repair shops in Houston yields dozens of pages of possible options and therein lies the problem. How do you know which ones to trust and which ones to avoid like the plague? While we can’t help you out with the latter we are very much in a position to provide assistance with regards to the former. Consequently, here’s our pick of top-notch motorcycle repair shops in Houston. Don’t forget to get the phone number of one of the best motorcycle injury lawyers in West Houston and of an experienced wrongful death law firm in West Houston if you have unfortunately lost a loved one.

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The Top Rated Houston Motorcycle Repair Shops.

Mancuso Harley-Davidson Crossroads
Phone number: (281) 970-9700
Address: 12710 Crossroads Park Dr, Houston, TX 77065.

With 36 years of honing their craft to show for it, Mancuso is a safe bet of tried and tested factory-trained technicians. The staff is well versed in accessory installation, safety inspections, performance upgrades, engine rebuilds, and tire installation with the shop also providing old and new motorcycles for sale. If you don’t have a bike of your own yet, you can check out these great motorcycle rental places in Houston.

If you ask customers’ what they like most about this shop, friendliness and promotions seem to be synonymous answers. Their initiative to go the extra mile hasn’t gone unnoticed as Mancuso provides a collision center and pairs up with insurance companies to facilitate seamless processing.

Ace Motorworks
Phone: (713) 864-7730
Address: 6303 Mayfair St A, Houston, TX 77087

From present age varieties to vintage takes and anything in between, Ace Motorworks has got your back providing a full-service motorcycle shop within Houston. You’ll get insurance quotes spanning up to 70’s models as well as full engine rebuilds, custom jobs, and common repair nitty-gritty.

Ace Motorworks also does powder coating, wheel building, and oil changes among other essential services with clients lauding them for excellent service, fair pricing and great attention to detail.

Global Motorsports
Phone: (281) 893-3600
Address: 16920 Kuykendahl Rd Suite 227, Houston, TX 77068.

Often mentioned in internet squabbles regarding the best Houston motorcycle repair shop, Global Motorsports has been around fixing bike chains and what have you for the better part of twenty years. This vast backdrop in the niche means nothing is beyond salvaging and it is the aspect that’s most desirable about them.

Closed on Mondays and Sundays, this motorcycle repair shop also displays motorcycles for sales and are renowned not only for their quality but also for fair pricing and timely communication.

Gear Head Motorcycles & Scooters
Phone: (713) 248-0844
Address: 14144 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077.

Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki are this shop’s specialty and their expertise extends to dirt bikes and scooters. Other bikes are not off the menu though as they’ll work on anything you bring through their doors which, by the way, remain open throughout the week in its entirety.

Used or new, virtually any machine with two wheels can be mended and it is this vast knowledge of affairs that have earned it a slot among the go-to for motorcycle repairs in Houston. The other aspect of the business worthy of a mention is their adept customer service skills.

Final thought. If your motorcycle damage resulted from an accident, then finding a good motorcycle repair shop is only one of two things you need to worry about. Since we’ve tackled one, the other concern will be the trouble of possible lawsuits. You can get ahead of that by getting yourself a good West Houston motorcycle accident attorney who’s sure to get you all the legal aid you need. He/she may also help shake loose the purse strings of conniving insurance companies should the need arise.

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