Finding the Best Lawyer for T-Bone Car Accidents in West Houston

A t-bone car accident is where the side of one vehicle collides with the front of another, forming a ‘t’ shape from the two collided vehicles. Experiencing such a car accident can be traumatic for you and the other parties involved.

If you’ve been in a T-bone car accident in West Houston, what should you do next?

T-bone accidents can have several different causes, like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a distraction while driving, or broken stoplights.

Liability for the accident could rest with one of two drivers involved in the collision, or it could rest exclusively with one of them, depending on the precise facts of the event.

If you’ve been affected by a T-bone car accident, it’s crucial that you gather all the facts as soon as possible. What time did it take place? Who was involved? Where did it happen, and what exactly happened in what order? These could be crucial in deciding the outcome of any litigation.

You could be entitled to compensation, either because the driver who collided with you was not following the rules or because you sustained serious injury as a result of their negligence.

Once you have assembled all the facts of the event, you should seek an experienced accident attorney who can defend you in court and secure the compensation you deserve.

Why You Need a Good West Houston Side Impact Accident Attorney

If you’ve had a T-bone car accident, why is it important to have a good side-impact accident attorney in West Houston?

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, you could hire any auto wreck attorney in Katy, TX, or you can hire West Houston car crash injury attorney. Joe Stephens has been defending injury victims in Texas for over 3 decades from negligent individuals, companies, and greedy insurance companies. As a local auto crash attorney in Katy, TX, Joe handles all cases personally, and his staff is always available to answer questions.

Remember, in the state of Texas, if you’ve been the victim of a T-bone car accident, you have the right to seek legal compensation.

Liability for a T-bone accident could rest with any driver or the driver’s employer if they were driving a commercial vehicle. In some cases, liability could rest with the car’s manufacturer if, for example, a defective car part was the most likely cause of the accident.

However, it’s not straightforward to make the case that you are not at fault in a T-bone accident and that another party is liable. Your best chance of securing successful litigation and compensation is by hiring an experienced auto accident attorney.

The compensation involved in motoring accidents can be substantial and cover big-ticket items like hospital bills, vehicular damage, and even lost wages. The precise sums involved will depend on the facts of the case and the persuasiveness of the arguments. It’s therefore essential that you get a qualified and reputable impact accident attorney to maximize the potential compensation you could be entitled to receive.

An auto accident attorney will have the know-how to defend your case, including navigating the complex system of Texas law and making sure the insurance companies compensate you for the amount you deserve. An attorney can assemble the facts of the event in a way that secures the best possible outcome for you.

If You or a Loved One Have Been Injured in a T-Bone Car Wreck In West Houston, Call Auto Accident Attorney Joe Stephens Now

If you or a loved one have been in a T-Bone car wreck in Texas, call auto accident attorney Joe Stephens now.

Joe Stephens has many years of experience dealing with side-impact collision cases and has the skills and know-how to fight your case convincingly and persuasively, getting you the compensation you deserve.

Joe Stephens can walk you through the litigation process, advising you on the right steps to take and giving you a picture of the potential costs involved.

Get in touch with Joe Stephens today to set up a consultation and find out how he can help win your case.

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