Finding the Best Flooded Street Car Accident Lawyer in West Houston

Are you seeking the best car accident lawyer in West Houston for flooded street collisions? Joe Stephens can help.

Water on the road is dangerous and increases the likelihood of car accidents, which is why you need a good West Houston high water car wreck attorney. At The Stephens Law Firm, we will represent you and protect your rights in a high water vehicle collision. We will help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, you could hire any injury attorney in Katy, or you can hire certified West Houston auto accident lawyer. Joe Stephens has been defending injury victims in Texas for over 3 decades from negligent individuals, companies, and greedy insurance companies. As a a veteran injury lawyer in Katy, Joe handles all cases personally, and his staff is always available to answer questions.

Why You Need a Good West Houston High Water Car Wreck Attorney

You need a good West Houston car wreck attorney to navigate a high water claim for a few reasons.

A high water car wreck is when a vehicle accident occurs because of high water. High water can pour out from large pipe leaks or faulty road works but is often natural. For example, it might have rained heavily, causing fast-moving water to overwhelm West Houston streets. 

While flooding is often a natural disaster, proper maintenance and infrastructure can mitigate potential hazards. But if town planners, councils, maintenance, or construction companies neglect to do their job correctly, this can make drains defective and roads unsafe for driving.

If the high water work has been completed poorly, roads can become very dangerous. The resulting accidents can cause injuries from whiplash to concussions, crushed limbs, broken bones, and even fatalities. 

If negligence is the cause of your injury, you can file a claim against the liable parties. But the liable parties are likely to do everything possible to deny responsibility and avoid paying you for damages.

A top lawyer like Joe Stephens will work with his team to ensure that you get the damages you deserve. Our firm will thoroughly investigate the accident to assess the appropriate claim to make and efficiently defend you against counterclaims and allegations.

With a tough and dedicated attorney representing you, you can take on the big guys and sue large corporations or councils. A team of fearless and experienced attorneys will help you fight your case.

Why Can High Water Be Dangerous?

Every year in the US, 70 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur when the road is wet. Inland flooding typically causes the most damage to road infrastructure while being the most significant source of road deaths out of all the wet weather driving conditions.

High water causes multiple effects on the road. Traffic speed drastically reduces, as does visibility distance. Cars have less grip on the road, there is a travel delay for drivers, and sometimes the number of lanes is reduced by traffic wardens after some parts become unusable. All of these effects increase the likelihood of a traffic collision.

Poor quality roads or flooding infrastructure can exacerbate already unsafe driving conditions. If there is a lack of signage indicating the flood, or if the flood has resulted from poor construction work, you might also be able to seek damages. 

The possibility of compensation is why you need a good West Houston high water car wreck attorney like Joe Stephens. We will help you to seek the appropriate financial damages for your injuries.

If You Were Injured by a Flooded Street Car Accident, Call West Houston Auto Accident Attorney Joe Stephens Now

Car accidents are catastrophic and have devastating and long-lasting effects. So if you or a loved one have been in a vehicle collision, remember that Joe Stephens and his team are always here to help.

If negligence has led to your injury, you deserve to win a claim. You need a good West Houston high water car wreck attorney to represent you, and Joe Stephens can be that person. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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