Best Auto Mechanics in Houston

Car accidents occur in alarming numbers per day in every state in the country. The sad truth is that they cause injuries and deaths, which over the years has been catastrophic. The fault in many cases vary but one thing that is constant is the fact that it will cost you thousands of dollars in monetary damage and time to not only repair the car but to also follow around the insurance company that insured it with a lawsuit. This experience is the worst, which is why you need a reliable vehicle injury law firm in West Houston and a credible auto mechanics shop.

The Stephens Law Firm has represented many cases in which people have lost family members due to mechanical failures, if that’s been your case, contact a top rated negligent death lawyer in West Houston now.

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Reasons Why You Need a Houston Accident Attorney

In the Houston area, there are several car auto mechanic shops that can tow your car and repair it back to its original form. However, you first need to hire an attorney to get you the compensation fee from the insurance company to pay for these repairs. The following are the reasons why you need to hire a Houston Accident Attorney for this case. You’ll want to make sure your attorney graduated from an experienced law schools in Houston.

Taking on Insurance Companies

Insurance companies usually have one main reason for their existence, to make money. They always claim your premiums but they eventually make profits if people do not make claims. Therefore, in case you are involved in an accident in the Houston area, an Accident Attorney is the best chance for you to get compensated for your hospital bills, through personal injury claims, and for your repair bills, through car accident claims.

Increasing Compensation in Personal Injury Claims

A paramount reason why you need a Houston Accident Attorney is that they can get you the justice in terms of financial claims owed to you by insurance companies, for personal injury claims. This reason is backed by research, that people represented by Accident Attorneys usually receive larger insurance claim settlements and better court judgments than those without.

The Best Auto Mechanics in Houston, TX

The second priority for anyone in an accident is to find the best auto repair shop where you can get your car fixed up. Around Houston, there are 484 Auto Repair shops. Nonetheless, we have picked top 4 of the best auto mechanics in Houston with the needed level of expertise and experience in the Auto Engineering Industry. Here are directions for all mechanic shops listed below.

Memorial Conoco Auto Repair

This auto repair shop has been operational for over 30 years and they provide all the auto repair services at affordable prices. This auto shop is located in the TX 77079 area at 13202 Memorial Drive and can be contacted through 713-827-1816. You can check their website at

Mario’s Automotive and Transmission Shop

Mario’s auto shop has been operational for over 30 years to the date, and are located in the TX 77011 area at 6710 Avenue W. The auto shop works fast and can be reached through 713-766-4850. Their website is

River Oaks Automotive Center

River Oaks auto shop has over 20 years of experience in the auto industry. They are located at 3800 W Alabama Houston in the TX 77027 area. River Oaks service all makes and models of domestic and imported vehicles and can be reached at 713-627-2886. Their website is

Heights Auto Repair

Heights Auto shop has over 20 years of experience, and have conservative prices. They are located at 735 W 19th Street in the TX 77008 area and can be reached if you call 713-880-2440. You can also check their website at


If either you or your loved one is injured in a car accident in the Houston area, you first contact a Houston Accident Attorney, then check out those auto mechanics shop for the repair of your car. And remember, there are no fees incurred if there is no judgment or settlement that goes in your favor.

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