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As one of the commercial trucking hubs in the country, West Houston is full of large 18-wheeler semi-trucks. While there are extensive rules and regulations that govern the companies of trucking businesses, these companies will still have the bottom line as their top priority.

When these trucking companies prioritize the bottom line, their employees may be more inclined to cut corners. This can lead to innocent people getting hurt or even killed. At the Stephens Law Firm, a good semi truck law firm in West Houston, our team of lawyers have extensive experience dealing with the complexities of commercial truck accidents.

Do You Need an Agricultural Hauler Truck Lawyer for a Commercial Truck Accident Case?

Short answer: yes. Big trucks carrying agricultural commodities can cause some serious damage. Agricultural commodities are anything from non-processed fiber, feed, food, or livestock. If these big rig vehicles experience any adverse weather conditions such as sleet, snow, fog, the highways they drive on could become slick with ice or snow and easily cause a truck wreck.

While you are not required to hire a truck crash lawyer prior to taking action in court against a company, is always best to get advice from a West Houston negligent death lawyer, especially if you lost a loved one because you will find it much harder to win without qualified representation. Commercial truck wreck claims are not the same as the typical car accident case. While both of these claims are centered around a collision involving vehicles, the litigation for truck accidents is a lot more complicated.

How Can an Agricultural Hauler Truck Lawyer Help?

As stated by an automobile crash attorney in West Houston, car accidents are extremely dangerous – there was not a single day in 2019 where a Texan did not die due to a car accident. Here are a few reasons why an experienced attorney will be crucial to have on your team and why trucking accidents are more complex:

  • Federal regulations come into play as well as local and state laws that truck drivers are subject to. When multiple agencies are being involved in the investigation of the accident, they will each be governed by their own procedures, legislation, and rules.
  • It is common for these cases to involve multiple defendants, including the trucker’s employer, the trucker themselves, the manufacturer of the big rig or a part of the rig, and more.
  • When a case has multiple defendants, this means that multiple insurance companies get to stick their hands in the pot and get involved. They will have one common goal in mind: to minimize what they have to pay you as much as possible.
  • Injuries from commercial truck accidents tend to be more severe than an injury from a more “typical” car accident.
  • Because injuries tend to be more extensive, the damages sought after are also accordingly higher.
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After a serious commercial vehicle crash, your time is of the essence. Our team is here to help. Our attorneys at The Stephens Law Firm are prepped and ready to secure any and all relevant evidence for your case and will calculate the proper compensation amount you are entitled to.

Get a head start by contacting our office today. We are proud to serve clients throughout West Houston, all of Texas, and the United States with their trucking accident cases.

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