AAA Predicts Fewer Drivers This July 4th Holiday

Any good auto accident lawyer in Houston, TX knows that the high price of gas has an effect on how much people travel, which seems to be playing out as people make their plans for the holiday weekend. The Texas branch of AAA is predicting less traffic for the Houston area, and across the state.

On Monday, June 27th, the agency released a report that predicted the number of Texans traveling over the Independence Day holiday is expected to decline 1.7 percent compared to last years travel numbers. AAA Texas has tracked travel numbers, and while last year 2.73 million Texans left their home towns to travel for the holiday weekend, this year those numbers are predicted to drop to 2.68 million.

This is not a massive decrease, but it is significant enough to effect traffic flow for holiday travelers. The average distance Texans travel for this holiday weekend is at least 50 miles. Some residents will change plans to drive shorter distances, or meet family in a central location so one family isn’t bearing the entire burden of travel expenses.

Rhonda Wilson who is a spokeswoman for AAA credits high gas prices for the modification in Texans travel plans this weekend. This spring, gas prices hit a high, and despite the fact that prices have begun to drop, people continue to alter their travel plans to try to save money. The current average retain price for gas in Texas is currently $3.47 per gallon.

As more drivers than average plan to be on the roads this weekend, the expectation for accidents is also higher. The Texas Department of Public Safety will increase patrols over the holiday weekend, extending through July 6th. Area and regional police departments across Texas, as well as the Houston Police Department will have more officers working over the holiday weekend to help ensure the safety of motorists.

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