5 Tips to Keep a Solid Work-life Balance as a Truck Driver

Managing a Career and Personal Life as a Trucker

Between the long hours and time spent away from home, the truck driver lifestyle overwhelms even the most resilient of people. However, this does not mean that you can’t maintain a solid work-life balance as a truck driver. Keeping a healthy ratio of time spent working to time for yourself helps your physical and psychological health. When you adopt a healthy work-life balance, you’ll feel better and be more present in your professional and personal life.

As an experienced West Houston vehicle collision attorneys, Joe knows that a stable work-life balance can help you feel better overall, but it becomes especially crucial if you experience:

  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Lack of time to take care of essential duties
  • Chronic stress and unhappiness on the job
  • Poor health
  • Deteriorating personal relationships with family and friends 

Many people realize that they lack proper work-life balance when it’s too late, and either their health or their relationships suffer as a result. With these five tips, you can shift your focus and make changes to improve your lifestyle.

Unplug and Unwind

Technology helps truck drivers in their personal and professional lives. Despite the benefits of technology, it also causes unnecessary stress and decreases focus. Take some time every day to unplug and unwind. 

Do not check social media or emails and switch your device off. If you’re on the job, take this time to exercise or be mindful of your surroundings. If you’re at home, catch up with friends and family, or join in physical activities like biking or hiking.

Schedule Time to Connect

It may seem strange to schedule phone calls with the people in your life, but the truck industry makes it hard to stay connected. Schedule phone calls with family members and friends, and make sure to check up on them periodically. 

Don’t assume that they will always call you first. It might surprise you how much people appreciate a quick call and how connected you’ll feel to everyone, even though you’re not physically present. It also lowers the likelihood of feeling depressed, isolated, or lonely. 

Focus on Your Health

As a truck driver, health should be your number one priority. Often, truck drivers don’t take care of their health because they believe that only a gym workout is exercise. 

Many truck drivers eat fast food on the road and adopt unhealthy habits. This habit causes serious long-term damage. Deliberate effort to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes increase your energy and job satisfaction. Do not underestimate the power of exercise and positive habits on your mental health, either.

Unhealthy food is cheap and widely available. It’s tempting to grab a quick sandwich or burger instead of a salad or healthier option. 

Although having fast food is okay once in a while, if you want to stay healthy, you must add nutritious food to your diet. That means choosing snacks like fruit instead of chips, reading the labels on food, and substituting sugary drinks with fresh juice or water.

Use Technology for Self-Improvement

Technology has its advantages, especially when you’re a truck driver. While you drive that big truck, take advantage of technology for self-improvement when you’re not unplugged. You can learn a new skill, familiarize yourself with famous classic novels through audiobooks, or even learn a new language. And you can do all of this in your semi-truck or 18-wheeler. 

Some apps help with exercise, connecting with others, and even improving your driving route. Technology is a great way to multitask and helps with self-improvement while you work. The truck driver lifestyle doesn’t have to consume your time and take you away from hobbies and loved ones. With the intent to change and create a consistent schedule, you’ll notice positive results. Don’t let the daily grind be a barrier to your happiness and quality of life. A healthy work-life balance is an attainable goal that every truck driver can achieve.

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