Worst Location in Houston for 18-Wheeler Accidents

Any time you’ve got major intersections with lots of traffic, accidents will happen. In Houston, we have the biggest, busiest intersections in all of Texas. Tractor-trailer trucks carrying goods across the country are significant contributors to our high-traffic areas. Unfortunately, being a shipping thoroughfare brings more opportunities for crashes with big trucks. We’ve put together a list of the most dangerous intersections in the Houston metropolitan area. With this information, you can better plan your trips and drive routes that keep your family safe. Even if your new path takes a bit longer than usual, the safety of you and your loved ones is worth it.

The reality is that you have a decent chance of being hit by an 18-wheeler in the Houston area. In the event that this happens, you may sustain severe injuries, a total loss of your vehicle, or even lose a loved one; in that case, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced negligent death attorneys in West Houston. You’ll want a tough and experienced law firm in your corner handling your case. The experienced truck injury attorney in Houston at the Stephens Law Firm can help. Not your average auto wreck law firm, they will be ready to help you no matter what the circumstances. Keep reading for our list of the worst intersections for Houston 18-wheeler accidents.

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Bissonnet Street at West Sam Houston Parkway

This location is not only the most deadly intersection in Houston, but in the entire state of Texas. Between 2010 and 2019, there were 1,153 vehicle collisions at this spot. Many collisions are the result of distracted or impaired driving. However, as the number of big vehicles in the area grows, their influence rises as well. Truck wrecks account for a growing proportion of the deadly impacts here. Avoiding this busy intersection at peak driving hours in the morning and evening helps reduce your risk.

Sam Houston Parkway at Westheimer Road

This intersection is even busier than Bissonnet Street at West Sam Houston Parkway, with over 70,000 cars passing each day in early 2020. To compare, the previously described roadway only sees around 50,000 vehicles daily. 18-wheeler trucks contribute to substantial amounts of transportation through these roads, as it’s another major thoroughfare for the shipping industry. At this spot, there were 800 wrecks in the last decade. With the ever-increasing number of vehicles, we expect these statistics to rise as well.

NASA Parkway and I-45

The I-45 is a large interstate that goes straight through the heart of Houston. Because it passes straight through downtown, it leads many vehicles traveling north or south across Texas to intersections with our essential daily thoroughfares. This unnecessary traffic already creates congestion and related risks. However, the danger doesn’t stop there. Driving while intoxicated is a growing problem on Texas streets. Even if only a small percentage of drivers manage vehicles under the influence, the sheer volume of cars on the road increases the risk of an alcohol-related accident.

Drivers of commercial trucks are not immune to drunk driving. It’s important to watch other cars and trucks on the road for signs that their driver might be impaired. Swerving, changing speeds, or not reacting to other vehicles on the road means the vehicle may be under the control of an alcohol-influenced driver.

Greens Road at I-45

The number of vehicles that pass through an intersection does not necessarily correlate with potential deaths at that location. How people drive is more important. Texting, checking email, and playing on one’s phone are all dangerous activities while driving. Despite extra-large fines and repercussions for these actions, big rig drivers sometimes also use their phones while towing their tractor-trailers. If you see a driver texting while driving, call 911 with your hands-free system and report them. Our busy intersections have seen enough death. The life you save could be someone that you know and love.

Beechnut Street at Sam Houston Parkway

Interstates are not the only trucking routes through Houston. Lots of transport occurs through our city, but it also happens within it. Food, appliances, vehicles, and other goods need to arrive at our stores. That’s why you’ll see big trucks driving through town away from the interstates. When possible, try to avoid commercial streets. Because trucks cannot fit through smaller, residential treats, there is less traffic. The fewer cars you have to contend with, the lower your risk of a fatal accident. No surprise since this location is very near some of the best truck rentals in Houston.

There are many reasons to love living in Houston. Risky traffic conditions are not one of them! Having knowledge of the most frequent 18-wheeler accident locations can help you plan your driving route to ensure you arrive to your destination safely. No one wants to head out on the road and get injured, with this information you can protect yourself and your family from a devastating accident.

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