What is PIP Coverage & Does it Impact My Texas Car Accident Claim?

After your accident, you may be wondering what PIP coverage is. What does it have to do with your claim?  

Personal Injury Protection coverage in Texas is tied to your auto insurance. In case of an injury caused by an auto accident, you and your passengers are entitled to coverage for medical bills, rehabilitation therapy, lost income, and funeral services. This means, concerning your claim, you are covered for any injuries you have up to a certain amount.

However, you should know all the details of how Personal Injury Protection works before you proceed with filing a claim. Below, we break down what you can expect from PIP insurance.

How Does Personal Injury Protection Insurance Work in Texas?

What can you expect from your PIP Coverage? If you, and anyone else in the car, are injured due to the accident, you can file to claim PIP coverage to take care of medical bills and other non-medical costs. 

However, PIP does not cover vehicle or property damage. It also does not cover any injuries sustained by individuals outside your vehicle. 

In the state of Texas, insurance companies are required to offer PIP coverage in their policies. Of course, you can always decline this coverage when offered, but that leaves you vulnerable to paying the medical costs and any other hidden costs without support.

PIP acts as a buffer while insurance companies investigate which party is at fault for the accident. The process is long and frustrating for claimants suffering from injuries. PIP coverage on your policy is recommended as it helps ease the financial burden during this process, whereas health insurance may not cover everything you need. 

Additionally, unlike health insurance, you don’t have to pay back PIP coverage if you receive a settlement, meaning you can utilize the funds to help make ends meet while focusing on recovery.

How Can You Guarantee a PIP reimbursement? 

Insurance companies may deny valid claims, putting additional stress on claimants. Other times, policies will pay out the full amount owed, but more compensation is required to cover medical expenses and other losses due to an auto accident in serious cases. 

An attorney is the best course of action in pursuing additional compensation for you, especially if the injuries are severe. They are prepared to fight for payment from your policy in addition to the at-fault driver’s insurance company to ensure you are provided for.

However, you should also document any expenses incurred due to your accident. Your reimbursement may not be met in full if you cannot provide sufficient proof of your expenses. PIP often requires evidence to cover lost wages, such as proof of income prior to the accident and proof that the injuries sustained in the accident are directly related to the loss of income. While insurance companies may offer other plans to assist you in your policy, you should note that PIP covers lost wages while medical payment coverage does not, regardless of who is at fault.

Your priority should be on recovering from your injuries, so let an experienced attorney fight on your behalf to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to in your time of need. 

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