What Are Illegal Turns and How Do They Cause Wrecks?

Although every citizen must pass a driver’s exam, not everyone remembers what constitutes an illegal turn. An illegal turn can bring serious consequences if there’s an accident, like extensive car damage, bodily injury, and outrageous medical bills.

The best way to avoid illegal turns is by learning more about what type of turns break the law. Keep reading if you’re wondering, “what counts as an illegal turn?” 

How to Prevent Improper Turn Car Wrecks in West Houston?

While many drivers have gone to considerable lengths to be responsible motorists. Unfortunately, not all drivers have implemented these precautions. Therefore, it is good to know ways in which these car wrecks caused by illegal turns can be prevented for the safety of all motorists. But how can you stop an improper turn from happening? 

While we are human and make mistakes, we should learn to avoid them by following these simple guidelines. 

Know What Counts as an Improper Turn

Whenever a driver makes an unsafe turn, it is considered illegal. Some examples are: 

  • Making an illegal U-turn
  • Turning without signaling
  • Turning right on a red light when there is a “no turn on red” sign
  • Turning without first using the designated location to do so

Other drivers may not notice these turns and stop in time to avoid collisions, resulting in sideswipes or rear-ending accidents.

Slow Down, Look and Listen

One of the easiest and effective ways to prevent illegal turn accidents is to check for blind spots. Check your rearview and side mirrors, slow down on twisting roads, and drive with caution in an unknown region. Remember to pause, look, and listen. This small act can help prevent unnecessary accidents.

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

Red implies a halt, whether it’s a stop sign or a red light. Drivers who run red lights and stop signs risk causing wrongful death because they frequently cause high-speed side-impact and rollover incidents. Always come to a complete stop and look both ways for approaching traffic to avoid an automobile collision.

Only Make a U-Turn in the Proper Locations

Only make a U-turn if you see a sign indicating that it is legal to do so. You may cause an accident if you make a U-turn without checking for suitable signage. If there is a sign prohibiting you from making a U-turn, it is there for a purpose. Making a U-turn in this region is not safe, and you would be risking yourself and others.

Slow Down When Turning

If you’re trying to make a turn, drive slowly. Make sure you are following all the necessary steps, such as turning on your turn signal at least 100-feet before the turn you want to make and brake before the turn. Otherwise, you risk a sharp turn and cause a serious accident.

Be Aware of Lane Changes

There will always be a point when you will need to switch lanes. When drivers fail to conduct safe lane changes, they are more likely to be involved in a car collision. Use your turn signals to avoid an accident, and always check your blind areas before moving to the left or right lane.

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