Waugh Drive Bat Colony in Houston, TX: A Fascinating Destination

Imagine a place where you could see thousands of bats at dusk, flying in and out of the Waugh Drive Bridge. That is what Waugh Drive Bat Colony in West Houston is all about! Millions of Mexican free-tailed bats have made this spot their home for decades, yet many do not know it exists. This blog post will give you information on Waugh Drive Bat Colony, including how to get there and fun things to do while you are there.

Waugh Drive Bat Colony in Houston, TX, is a cool place to visit. Waugh Bridge provides the perfect habitat for bats, with its width and height allowing them to fly in and out of it easily. The bats typically fly out from under the bridge in the 1000s right at dusk.

Where is the Waugh Drive Bat Colony Located?

The Waugh Drive Bat Colony is located under the Waugh Dr. bridge at Allen Parkway, the site of many vehicle accidents from driver error. The physical address is Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77002.

Waugh Drive Bat Colony is a great place to visit, especially if you are an animal lover. Waugh Drive Bridge, where the bats live, is located in Houston, TX Montrose neighborhood, within easy access from downtown and other parts of the city. If you plan on going here for the first time or have been there several times before, make sure to read this blog post!

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