Types of Auto Defects that Can Cause Car Wrecks

If you’ve been involved in a car crash, but you don’t know how it happened, it could be the result of an auto defect. But how do auto defects cause car wrecks, and what are the different kinds of auto defects that are recognized in court? 

We’ll answer these questions below to help you decide if you have an auto defect case and deserve compensation.

The Most Common Car Defects that Lead to Accidents

Auto defects like brake failures are common. They occur when either a faulty part was installed in your car or when a part was not installed correctly. These defects could cause you to lose control of the vehicle when you’re driving it, leading to a crash or collision with another car.

There are two steps that car manufacturers often take following the discovery of a dangerous defect in one of their vehicles:

  • The first thing they may do is recall the vehicles that possess the defective part so that they can either fix it or replace it to prevent more accidents from occurring.
  • The second thing they will do is offer compensation to anyone who has been affected by the defective part by settling accident lawsuits.

But which types of auto defects are most frequently responsible for accidents on the road?

Defective Tires

A problem with the tires could cause you to lose control of the vehicle, particularly if you’re traveling at high speeds. Although less common than they used to be, defective tires are most frequently caused by air pressure problems, misaligned wheels, or defects in the tire traction.

Brake Failures

A failure of the brakes while you’re driving means you won’t be able to stop in time and could collide with the vehicle in front of you. However, thanks to new technologies like Anti Blockier Systems (ABS), brake failures are now very rare.

Steering and Suspension Problems

If the steering gets locked up or the suspension fails, you’ll lose control of the car and could well end up in a crash. Steering and suspension problems are frequently the results of sudden shocks to the car caused by driving over potholes or obstacles in the road that leave lasting damage.

Other Auto Defects

In any of these three cases, it’s clear that the driver was not responsible for any subsequent accident that took place, and there is likely to be a strong case to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the vehicle.

However, these are not the only potential car defects. You may find that your vehicle has a unique type of defect that is responsible for car accidents. 

No matter what happened in an accident, it’s always best to investigate if a car part was responsible with an attorney’s help.

Why You Need an Auto Defect Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by an auto defect, then it probably wasn’t your fault. If your vehicle had one of the most common car defects that lead to accidents, then you could be entitled to compensation.

However, to get compensated, you’ll need an experienced attorney who understands the law around car accidents in Texas and can make a persuasive case to secure what you deserve.

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