Houston Truck Injury Verdict for $15,000,000

Houston, Texas truck wrecks occur all the time. Perhaps, they would happen less often if trucking companies did not needlessly endanger the public through lax safety oversight. Nationwide, trucks cause over 40,000 fatalities and injuries each year. By comparison, 32,000 American soldiers were wounded during the entire Iraq war. It is well known that Texas leads the nation in truck accidents, and truck accident fatalities. That should tell us how dangerous and how hazardous these trucking irresponsible trucking companies really are.

Usually, the cause of most truck accidents is fatigue, and speeding according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Other times, dangerous drugs and alcohol is involved. My Houston car accident injury law firm has seen it all in 35+ years of litigating these cases.

Not too long ago, a Fort Wayne Federal Judge tagged Net Trucking Company with a $15,000,000 verdict because a drunk and fatigued company driver killed a man. The Judge sent the driver to the penitentiary. Then, in the civil trial against the company, the Judge busted them doctoring the log books. The logs showed the the driver had been on the road way too long. The Judge ordered the reckless company to pay the wrongful death award to the poor man’s family for its reckless behavior.

Sometimes that is what it takes to get the attention of these unsafe trucking companies. Perhaps, this will improve the safety oversight of trucking company’s around the country. If you need help with a truck accident case, please call me.