How Are Texas Truck Safety Regulations Enforced

Crashes with big rigs are serious and can lead to severe injuries and even death. Because of this, there are numerous regulations on 18-wheelers. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has many statutes in place to keep the roads safe for people who share the roads with commercial trucks. 

However, deadly crashes with semi-trucks continue. The Department of Transportation can urge drivers to drive safely, but what is the government doing to keep the roads safe? In Texas, there are many regulations put in place by the local government to protect you and your loved ones. 

Unfortunately, you’ll find those big rig accidents continue even with all the regulations put in place. If you or a loved one has been involved in a crash involving a big truck, get in touch with The Stephens Law Firm, a top-rated West Houston car collision lawyer. We will carry out your case to give you the compensation you deserve. 

What Is Regulated

There are many regulations for semi-trucks in Texas. Some regulations are put in place by the state government, others by the federal government. This includes: 

The Driver

Operating an 18-wheeler is no small task. Drivers depend on commercial truck drivers to be responsible. Any negligence can lead to a disastrous truck wreck. 

Because of this, there are many rules for truck drivers. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age and must obtain the right certification. A commercial driver’s license, or CDL, is required. To get this, a driver must pass medical exams, complete the necessary courses, and pass all the required tests. 

There are also rules about how drivers work. For example, they can only drive before so long before there is a mandatory rest. This keeps drivers from being too fatigued which would cause truck wrecks. 

The Vehicle

The big rig itself is also regulated. This includes maximum size and weight restrictions. Commercial trucks must also have the correct parts, equipment, pass inspections. The maintenance of a big truck is essential to make sure a driver can operate safely and effectively. 


Texas regulates almost every inch of a big truck to ensure safety. But just because there is a statute, doesn’t mean that people follow the rules. 

The state of Texas has several organizations that work together to enforce these regulations. Both the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service (part of the Texas Department of Public Safety) and the Highway Patrol Service work to enforce these laws. 

Reactions to Regulations

The states and federal government have been passing regulations for over 100 years to keep the highways safe for all drivers. Investors are not always happy about regulations because regulations can mean additional costs for the trucking companies. 

However, limits and regulations on big rigs and drivers are attempts to keep drivers and even the roads safe. Distracted, overworked drivers make mistakes. Heavy, overweight vehicles do damage to our highways. 

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West Houston Trucking Safety Regulations Accident Attorney

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For semi-trucks in Texas, there is a long list of rules and regulations. However, truck wrecks continue, and they can be deadly, if that’s been your case with someone close, contact a West Houston wrongful death attorney. While regulations may not end truck accidents, we can help you if you or a loved one are injured in a truck wreck. 

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