Texas Man With 8 DWI’s Sentenced to 55 Years in Prison

Winning Houston car wreck lawyers know that driving while intoxicated is one of the deadliest things you can do while operating a motor vehicle. Thousands of preventable deaths are caused each year by drunk drivers, causing heartbreak and irreplaceable feelings of loss for the families and communities of the victims. People who habitually drive while intoxicated are truly a public safety hazard, and fortunately, one less person of that sort will be on the roads.

On Friday, 73-year old Gliddon William Davis was convicted of his eighth drunk driving offense, and has finally been sentenced to prison time for his collective crimes. In a jury trial, Davis was convicted of driving while intoxicated, and sentenced to 55 years in prison.

Court records indicate that Davis had seven previous DWI convictions, making this the eighth one, as well as convictions for two counts of attempted rape, and one conviction for intent to commit rape. Davis seems to be a career criminal, not only in the arena for drunk driving offenses, but for other serious felonies as well. The public can breath a little easier now that he is off the street, and unable to commit further offenses or endanger more lives. If he lives that long, Davis will be 100 before he is even eligible for parole—so the residents of Conroe, Texas, where Davis lives, can sleep a bit easier at night.

Houston car accident attorneys are thrilled with this decision. Drunk driving accidents cause so much damage to families and communities, from serious injuries, to wrongful deaths, with layers of tragedy that emanate for years like the aftershocks of an earthquake. This conviction will keep at least one persistent drunk driving offender off the road, and make the community safer for everyone.

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