Texas Leads Nation in Fatal Car Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, Trucking Accidents

When it comes to being involved in a Houston car accident, motorists here are at high risk. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continue to show Texas is among the most dangerous states in every accident category, including car accidents, trucking accidents, drunk driving accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Fatality rates for 2010 will be released this summer. But 2008 and 2009 rates continue to show California, Texas and Florida consistently rank as the nation’s deadliest. Our Houston car law firm understands what it takes to protect the rights of an accident victim and his or her family following a serious or fatal accident.

Many of these accidents could be prevented with a little patience and some common sense. Speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving continue to be the leading causes of traffic fatalities in Texas and throughout the nation.

According to the NHTSA:

Texas Drunk Driving Accidents: Nationwide, someone dies in a drunk driving accident every 45 minutes, a startling statistic that accounts for one-third of the nation’s traffic fatalities. Texas blows even that figure out of the water — almost half (47 percent) of the state’s traffic deaths involved alcohol in 2009, accounting for 1,437 of the state’s 3,071 traffic deaths. No other state even comes close — California was the only other state to log more than 1,000 alcohol related deaths with 1,118.

Texas Car Accidents: Nationwide, 25,351 motorists were killed in fatal passenger vehicle accidents. Nearly 10 percent of those (2,248) occurred in Texas. Again, Texas led the nation. California was second-deadliest with 2,023.

Texas Trucking Accidents Each year, more than 350,000 commercial trucking accidents claim more than 4,000 lives and injure upwards of 100,000. A total of 421 fatal trucking accidents in Texas were reported in 2008. California was the only other state to report more than 300, with 304.

Texas Motorcycle Accidents: Each year, more than 5,000 riders are killed and nearly 100,000 are injured in motorcycle accidents. Before the economic downturn, motorcycle accidents was the only category in which fatalities increased each year for more than a decade. In 2008, Texas reported 480 fatal motorcycle accidents or more than one per day. Florida reported 523 and California reported 537.

Texas Pedestrian Accidents: Nationwide, pedestrian accidents continue to confound authorities. While the overall number of traffic fatalities has increased significantly in response to the economic downturn, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents has not been nearly as responsive, and has even increased in a number of states. Nationwide, more than 4,300 pedestrians are killed and 65,000 injured each year in pedestrian accidents. Texas pedestrian accidents claimed 416 lives in 2008. Only California (620) and Florida (490) reported more deaths.

Texas Bicycle Accidents: The number of bicycle accidents has increased along with the popularity of cycling for recreation and fitness. Today, middle-aged men are the most likely to be seriously injured or killed in a Texas cycling accident. In 2008, a total of 716 cyclists were killed in accidents nationwide. Fifty-three people died in Texas bicycle accidents that year. California (109) and Florida (125) led the nation.