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Houston Bus Accidents: Distressing Facts

Every day, Houston Metro buses are involved in approximately three accidents. In the year 2009, Metro buses were involved in well over 1,000 accidents. Houston Metro buses injured and killed hundreds of passengers, pedestrians, and motorists on the roads. Most of these accidents should never have occurred. Metro’s manner of dealing with these accidents is frightening. They allow their bus driver to investigate their own accidents. This is quite alarming, and is akin to the fox guarding the hen house.

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The Houston Chronicle reports that Houston Metro Bus drivers were issued an alarming 859 tickets for the past year. Most of the tickets were for speeding, but many were for brake, and equipment failure. Thus, Houston bus driving accidents are statistically inevitable, given the huge number of reckless bus drivers. They are needlessly endangering the public when they drive in a negligent and reckless manner. The law requires that they be held accountable when they cause injury and death.

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Houston Bus Accident Violations are Dangerous. If You've Been Injured, Request a Free Case Review Today.

A Houston Injury Lawyer Representing Bus Driving Accident Victims

In my 35 years as an auto accident lawyer in Houston I have handled multiple cases involving bus accident victims. I provide a FREE consultation. Whatever you do, it is important that you get in touch with a board certified personal injury lawyer to help you with a bus accident injury claim. Bus accident claims adjusters who handle these claims in behalf of the bus companies are very aggressive, and experienced claims adjusters. They take pride in denying claims, and minimizing the amount of money that they pay. They are rarely fair when settling bus accident claims.

Legal Help for Bus Accident Victims in Houston and Across Texas

I can help whether you live Houston, Beaumont, Dayton, Liberty, Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Wharton, Corpus Christi, Austin, Brownsville, McAllen, Waco, El Campo, San Antonio, or anywhere else in Texas. I have 30+ years of experience in handling bus driving accident cases and have the skill, and expertise to assist you.

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