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Hedwig Village Truck Wreck Attorney

Call One of the Best Commercial Truck Injury Lawyers in Hedwig Village, TX

Being part of a truck collision can be horrifying, and you’ll definitely want to make certain that everyone present, including you and family are safe. Did you get hurt? Are emergency services necessary? Have 911 been contacted? Although these are typically the basic questions you’ll wish to ask following an accident occurs, there are going to be quite a few other issues to address.

You’ll Need A Seasoned Truck Wreck Lawyer

Truck wrecks are considerably different and more complicated than Hedwig Village car accidents. Truck wrecks can commonly involve more consequential damages and injuries compared to the common car crash. But that’s not all, as many trucking companies (in addition to their insurance adjusters and attorneys) will attempt to take advantage of those that were harmed by the careless party. Joe Stephens is one of the handful of injury lawyers that can offer the expertise and skill necessary to address a truck injury lawsuit expertly. Our law firm has been able to help hundreds of individuals receive justice with their trucking accident claim. No matter what type of truck you were injured by, it is important to seek the assistance you require from a reputable and seasoned Hedwig Village truck wreck lawyer to have the best possibility of winning your lawsuit.

We’ll get started working on the case and providing assistance from the moment you give our legal team a call. Evidence seems to go missing soon following a accident, particularly if neglectful parties are trying to conceal responsibility for the accident. To ensure that the evidence you need isn’t lost forever, permitting our staff of experts start an assessment as quickly as possible is often a wise idea.

With so many different things to take into account with these types of accidents, it’s understandable if you’re not sure how to start. Those suffering will be happy to hear that our staff can offer a free consultation all days or time of the week, so please don’t wait to call us on 281-623-1701 or send us a question using our website. Our expert case assessments are provided for FREE to individuals who need them. With no initial costs and no obligations to pay unless we’ve won your case, you will never need to spend any cash on our legal counsel if we don’t perform.

Our Firm Will Establish That The Truck Company and Its Operator Were Responsible

In general, truck companies are secured against driver claims brought for personal injury or death under commercial policies. The stakes for losing a case are normally quite high for the insurance provider, considering these types of insurance policies will often be in the millions. Most insurance companies will work even harder to maintain their funds and shell out as little compensation as they can get away with because of this exposure. To ensure you get the recovery you deserve, be sure to hire the help of an attorney who has had decades of experience in litigating trucking companies. Your case should not be a learning experience for your attorney.

From sending an accident reconstruction specialist to inspect the vehicles and scene of the collision, to examining records, upkeep, and employment documents; Joe works to make sure that you obtain the most from your claim.

With this data, we’ll generally be in a position to determine if and when the truck braked, how fast the vehicle was moving, and more; including any Federal safety regulation infractions that could have taken place.

Shortly after consulting both the client’s physicians as well as our own healthcare experts, Mr. Stephens will have a better idea of just how bad the injuries are and the amount you should obtain in settlement.

To make sure that the relief you get will be enough to take care of you and your loved ones while you’re not able to function as before, we’ll handle the process of determining the level of damages you deserve determined by the research we’ve amassed.

Before bringing your lawsuit to court, we’ll attempt to procure a sensible recovery – and if we can’t, we’ll do everything in our capacity to establish the culpable party was at fault.

Helping You To Get The Settlement You Are Entitled To

Many battle to manage expenditures following being involved in one of these types of collisions. Since all of this could affect you and your family immensely, it’s important to understand that there are a number of things that can contribute to the total recovery you’re entitled to. We pride ourselves on our work, so you will never need to be concerned with us overlooking any points or settling for less than you are entitled to.

While there’s no need to stress too much over the specifics, here are some of the things we commonly consult with potential clients about:

  • Was any physical damage or fatality brought by the incident?
  • How severe are the property damages the crash caused?
  • Did provide the police a statement?
  • What did the police do (apprehend the offending vehicle driver/dispense a citation)?
  • Are there healthcare and insurance expenses to pay?
  • Do you still need continuing treatment?
  • Did you have to miss work and lose income?
  • Are you dealing with any residual effects from the injuries received?
  • Did the wreck give you bodily impairments or residual afflictions that you now have to suffer with?
  • Do you have any memory of what transpired before you were involved in the incident?

Lawful damages for victims of a commercial vehicle crash could include the following in Texas:

  • Reasonable and essential medical expenses including past and future
  • Existing and future physical pains and mental damages
  • An inability to earn a living (including an anticipated loss of income to come)
  • Physical disability and ongoing effects from injuries
  • In certain events, punitive or exemplary compensation may apply
  • Wrongful death and survival injuries caused by the crash

Don’t Hesitate. Contact a Truck Wreck Injury Attorney in Hedwig Village You Can Trust Right Now!

Whenever you contact the Stephens Law Firm, Accident Lawyers, you will talk with a legal team you can count on. We won’t try to persuade you to take a settlement that’s less than what you rightfully are entitled to, and we ensure that we’re candid and impartial with you the whole time. We know how to take on trucking companies and their insurance companies, and they know we mean serious business. When fighting for the very best compensation for you, we’ll ensure to work our hardest to provide you with the best results.

For 30 years (and counting), we’ve been recognized as some of the toughest in the state for helping victims of a truck wreck. And, since we work on a contingency payment structure, you’ll only need to pay us for our world-class services if we win the case for you. Get in touch and let us start working on your case now! Start your journey to getting your compensation by phoning us on 281-623-1701 or filling out our form right here. We can’t wait to help you! Click Here for Directions to Our Houston truck wreck Law Firm

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