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Friendswood Truck Accident Attorney

Call One of the Best Commercial Truck Injury Lawyers in Friendswood, TX

If you’re involved in a truck accident or collision, your first priority will no doubt be caring for everyone close to you. Did you get injured? Is an emergency vehicle required? Have you already called 9-1-1? Soon after an accident, you’re likely to have several concerns in mind; but this is likely to be just the beginning.

A Specialist Truck Accident Lawyer Will Help You

The majority of truck accidents are usually very different when compared with Friendswood car accidents. Truck accidents frequently cause more significant damages than the typical car accident. A trucking company, along with their lawyers and insurance adjusters, are likely to attempt to diminish the happenings detailed by harmed persons involved in an accident. Many personal injury attorneys tell you they understand how to deal with a truck accident, however not many possess the skills and experience of lawyer Joe Stephens. Our law firm has had the opportunity to help countless people get justice on their truck accident lawsuit. If you desire to win your lawsuit and receive the recovery you deserve, be sure to search for the help of a seasoned and specialized Friendswood truck accident lawyer.

The faster you call our knowledgeable legal staff following a truck accident, the sooner we can initiate working to protect your legal rights. With these cases, it’s not uncommon for trucking companies to attempt and eliminate any evidence of the crash as quickly as they can. The earlier we can begin our investigation into the reason of an accident, the better.

Most of those in this scenario will have a number of concerns about pursuing their case, or possibly how to start with it. Please be aware that we provide a TOTALLY FREE case review, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us right away at 281-623-1701, or use this website to send us a query or acquire more information. There is NO cost for the premier knowledge and case assessment that our expert attorneys have to offer. If you make a decision to work with our firm, you pay us nothing in advance, and you will pay absolutely nothing at all unless we’ve won your case!

Our Firm Will Establish That The Truck Company and Its Driver Were To Blame

In general, truck companies are protected from driver claims brought for personal injury or death under commercial policies. Insurance policies usually come with large liability coverage amounts, which is why virtually all insurance carriers work tirelessly to win their cases. This exposure forces the insurance company to fight relentlessly to retain their money and pay little on the claim. To be certain that you obtain the compensation you are entitled to, be sure to work with the counsel of a lawyer who has had years of experience in litigating trucking companies. You do not want an attorney learning on the job handling your case.

When you retain the counsel of Joe Stephens, he’ll get started on looking through the company’s pertinent logs and documents, as well as getting an accident reconstruction expert to examine the site and all autos involved for further proof.

This evidence not only enables our truck accident lawyers to identify whether or not the trucker exceeded the maximum amount of driving hours and committed other infractions of Federal safety statutes, but it also supplies us with physical evidence that determines how fast the truck was traveling at impact, if and when it braked, and whether or not the operator was fatigued or sidetracked at the time of impact.

This isn’t the only data that we’ll compile, as we’ll additionally get hold of your physicians and consult with our own medical professionals to ensure that we understand the severity of your injuries.

Once we obtain all the understanding we require, our team will take care to identify how much recovery you’ll need to care for yourself and your loved ones for years to come.

If we can’t attain a settlement for you from the truck company; our legal team will take the case to litigation and help you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Receiving A Settlement for Your Injuries

Staying on top of bills can often turned into a challenging process after a truck accident takes place. With the impact that truck accidents can have on an persons life, it’s reasonable that your legal rights and damages should bring you a just amount of recovery. When you retain us, it becomes our responsibility to not only ensure that no stone goes unturned, but also that you receive the greatest settlement possible.

Examples of the questions we may ask potential clients concerning their incident include:

  • Did any physical damages or fatalities result from the collision?
  • How significant are the property losses the crash produced?
  • Did you call the police and give a statement?
  • What did the police do (apprehend the offending driver/dispense a ticket)?
  • Did the crash result in healthcare or insurance expenditures, which you now have to pay?
  • Do you still need ongoing treatment?
  • Did the accident and the subsequent damages restrict you from working?
  • Have the injuries healed, but caused residual effects?
  • Did the accident cause you bodily disability or residual afflictions that you now have to deal with?
  • What do you recall right before the crash?

In Texas, some of the legal compensation for people harmed in these kinds of accidents include:

  • Necessary healthcare expenses to deal with current and future needs
  • Both bodily and psychological damages (current and future)
  • A loss in earnings for the past and future
  • Physical disability and ongoing effects from injuries
  • Other types of compensation (such as exemplary or punitive harm) in certain cases
  • Injuries and wrongful death considerations

Get In Touch With an Experienced Truck Accident Injury Attorney in Friendswood Now!

Whenever you contact the Stephens Law Firm, Accident Lawyers, you will connect with a legal team you can count on. We won’t want you to accept any less compensation than you are entitled to, and we pride ourselves on being honest about your case throughout the process. We know how to take on truck companies and their insurance companies, and they realize we mean serious business. Over time, we’ve learned that it’s usually more effective to be aggressive on the part of our clients, and to not back down and try to soften the blow.

For 30 years (and counting), we’ve been acknowledged some of the most successful in the state for aiding victims of a truck accident. And, since we work on a contingency payment structure, you’ll only need to pay us for our world-class services if we win the case for you. Don’t leave your rights to chance for a MINUTE longer! To begin, fill in the form on this page or phone us on 281-623-1701 for more information. We can’t wait to help you! Click Here for Directions to Our Houston truck accident Law Firm

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