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Houston Car Wreck Lawyer

Call One of the Best Car Wreck Lawyers in Houston

A person dies in a car wreck every 13 minutes in America. There are about 6,000,000 car accidents each year costing 230 billion in costs each year in this country. Negligent drivers needlessly endanger you, and your children every day, many of them due to drinking and driving. You can learn more about what you can do when you are injured by asking for a book I wrote The Texas Accident Bible, or Hiring the Right Lawyer.

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I know and have handled a wide variety of injury claims ranging from burn to brain injuries that have resulted from car wrecks. Surprisingly, many low speed crashes cause serious injuries. Crashes less than 10 mph deliver several thousand foot pounds of force to the passengers, though the car bumper may not even be damaged. I am a Texas car injury lawyer who is board certified in the field, and can handle auto accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, bus accidents, or any other type of motor vehicular accident.

Some Types of Injures That Commonly Occur in a Car Collision Include:
  • Neck Injury

  • Severe Contusions

  • Internal Bleeding

  • Head and Face Injuries

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Broken Bones

  • Cuts from Glass

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Brain Injuries

I regularly work with car wreck cases. I know the questions to asks and how to handle the insurance companies.

Seriously Injured in a Car Wreck? Contact My Office for a Free Case Review Today!

Helping Injured Drivers Get the Compensation They Deserve

As a top Houston car wreck lawyer, I get to know my client well enough that I experience the hopeless loss and torment that my clients are going through. When other lawyers ask me how I am able to talk a jury into giving my clients a lot of money in their award, I tell them it is easy because I have gotten to know my client well enough to feel what it is like to really experience the devastation they have gone through. If I truly understand, then I can help the jury experience what you are going through. That is all it takes to get them to be fair with you, getting them to love you, and therefore want to pay you back for the harm you have suffered.

What Are the First 5 Steps You Should Take After Being Injured in a Car Wreck?
  • 1 Take photos of your car, the other vehicles, and the scene if you are still at the crash site.
  • 2 Obtain the names, contact information, and insurance information of those involved in the wreck.
  • 3 You should call law enforcement to report the collision
  • 4 Go to the ER, or seek medical attention if you have any symptoms or pain. Often, people do not develop significant symptoms for 48 hours, so it is important to have a medical professional document ANY symptoms right away. If you do not, the insurance company will use this against you.
  • 5 Do not give any recorded statements to any insurance company until you have spoken to a board certified personal injury lawyer. Insurance adjusters are very cunning and will attempt to get you to say things that will defeat your claim. Treat them like a rattle snake!

I Am Experienced in Dealing With Tricky Texas Insurance Companies

Auto accident claims adjusters in Houston, and around Texas are experts in handling claims. Their goal is to pay no money, or as little money as possible. They look at each injury victim as a statistic, and not as a person. The claims adjuster who pays a lot of money for the claims he handles doesn’t have a long future with the insurance company. His supervisor is constantly asking him to justify the payment of every penny. They demand that he find an excuse to pay the barebones minimum on even legitimate claims and to find any excuse they can to deny them. That is all they do I hours per day, every day.

Most people –and many lawyers–are poorly trained to deal with these professional claims adjusters. You need to know what is in the insurance policy, what the exclusions are, what documents they rely on, what misleading tricks they use to say that you are lying about your injuries, and how they will sweet talk you to death. They will always delay, then ask for more documentation, then outright deny your claim if you don’t accept the amount they offer at the end. They are professional negotiators–much better than any car dealer you have run into–and at the end of the day will tell you to take their small offer or to “stick it.” I have seen it happen time and again.

The Process of Justice Starts With a Case Review

Seriously injured in a car wreck in Texas? Want to learn if you have a good case? Want to be compensated for the harm that someone negligently caused you to suffer? Perhaps if you do something now, you will help ensure this same thing doesn’t happen to another person?



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