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The Stephens Law Firm Testimonials & Reviews

What Other's Say About Our Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about The Stephens Law Firm. Joe was very knowledgeable and helpful from the moment we met him. He and Stephanie were always available to answer any questions we had. The customer service, timeliness, and compassion for his clients is why I would recommend him to anyone.”

Lindsay R. Google LegalService

“I would highly recommend the Stephens Law Firm. Joe and Stephanie were very courteous, professional, and responsive in resolving my case with a positive outcome that exceeded my expectations.”

M. Riedle Google LegalService

“I had a fantastic experience with the Stephens Law Firm. I was hit by an uninsured driver while walking across the street and Joe helped me through the whole process. I ended up more than covering my medical bills and the peace of mind knowing Joe was on my side was invaluable. Both Joe and Stefanie were extremely patient, responsive, and kind - I can't recommend them enough!”

Samantha D. Google LegalService

“Highly recommend Mr. Stephens. He did a great job on my case.”

O. Davis Google LegalService

“The Stephens Law Firm is absolutely wonderful. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and every need that I had was met with first class assistance while being handled with the utmost care. Joe Stephens is the kind of person who truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to help them in any way possible. Joe and his staff really made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout everything. I have recommended and will continue to recommend The Stephens Law Firm.”

Christina S. Google LegalService

“Great Attorney to Work for and to have Work for you. My experience is unique, I actually work with Mr. Stephen's for a time and watched him get justice for a very deserving family in San Antonio. Then I actually hired him to represent my mother, who was hit and ran over by some high school kids in a parking lot. His honest communication with the family and the fact that he truly cares what happens make him the only Houston personal injury attorney I would recommend.”

Christine B. Google LegalService

“Best lawyer in the State of Texas. He was able to try my case and got better results than I ever expected to get.”

David P. Google LegalService

“Prepared Trial Lawyer. You are well represented when you hire Joe Stephens. He is the most prepared trial lawyer I have ever worked with. He dots all the i's and crosses all the t's.”

Bill S. Google LegalService

“We lost our father due to a horrific car crash. Nothing can ever replace him but it helps us rest easy at night knowing my mother is financially stable thanks to Mr. Stephens' hard work to get her the settlement she deserved.”

Jenn W. Google LegalService

“Mr. Stephens got more for me than I could have ever expected. Not only did he prove the details I knew about the accident, but he also investigated further and found additional evidence proving the fault of the defendant. Couldn't have asked for anything more.”

Bill N. Google LegalService


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Houston Lawyer Joe Stephens Seeks Millions for Truck Accident Injury Victim

Shamal Williams suffered injuries to much of his body in a 2018 trucking accident, including developing CRPS, a chronic and debilitatingly painful medical condition. Houston, TX (July 15th, 2019) –...

Dangerous Products Which Hurt or Kill

Houston personal injury attorney Joe Stephens has handled hundreds of Product Liability Cases. He has battled Ford, GM, Remington, GE, and numerous other manufacturers. Companies who design, manufacture or sell...