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The Stephens Law Firm Testimonials & Reviews

What Other's Say About Our Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

“He worked tirelessly for success. He never stopped. He was compassionate and thoughtful and communicated effectively the whole time. He's a great person and great lawyer.”

Pam C. Google LegalService

“Joe Stephens is a top notch attorney who truly cares for his clients and knows how to get them what they deserve. I highly recommend him!”

Lezli G. Google LegalService

“Joe Stephens is Relentless. Best car accident lawyer in Texas in my opinion. Absolutely tears up the insurance companies. They do not know what hit them when he takes after them.

Jordan G. Google LegalService

“I have had the opportunity to work with Joe. Joe has a wealth of experience, is honest, but more importantly, because it matters - Joe is tenacious and relentless. He makes those who are wrong own their mistakes, to do right by his clients and our community.”

Josh G. Google LegalService

“Joe was very professional and responded to any phone call/email I sent in a timely manor. He settles my friend and I’s cases both asap and pushed to make sure the settlement was fair. Thank Joe!”

Sadie F. Google LegalService

“Great and kind lawyer!”

Luz S. Google LegalService

“I highly recommend the Stephens Law Firm. Everyone there is truly concerned about your case and works to ensure you are taken care off. The staff communicates well and is very personable.”

Blakely L. Google LegalService

“Joe was fantastic to work with. With his years of proven success with his clients, we are very happy with the outcome of our settlement.”

Rene P. Google LegalService

“The Stephens Law Firm has been nothing short of kind and understanding, while also displaying vigor and efficiency in their work ethic. If I could, I would give them more than 5 stars without batting an eye.”

Sid P. Google LegalService

“Highly recommend Mr. Stephens!! When my daughter had a question about a recent accident that she was involved in that was not her fault, he took time out of his day to go over what needs to be done in her case. Best advice ever.”

Wende C. Google LegalService


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Houston Lawyer Joe Stephens Seeks Millions for Truck Accident Injury Victim

Shamal Williams suffered injuries to much of his body in a 2018 trucking accident, including developing CRPS, a chronic and debilitatingly painful medical condition. Houston, TX (July 15th, 2019) –...

Dangerous Products Which Hurt or Kill

Houston personal injury attorney Joe Stephens has handled hundreds of Product Liability Cases. He has battled Ford, GM, Remington, GE, and numerous other manufacturers. Companies who design, manufacture or sell...