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The Stephens Law Firm Testimonials & Reviews

What Other's Say About Our Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

“I contracted with Mr. Stephens to solicit money that was owed for brokerage services. I met with him and his staff and they gathered the necessary information. After they reviewed, then prepared the documents, they were sent to the other party. Within MINUTES of receipt, they were inquiring as to how to resolve the issue. Mr. Stephens was very knowledgeable and his staff was top notch. Without his intervention, I would still be trying to figure how to handle the circumstances. I highly recommend The Stephens Law Firm.”

Nancy L. Google LegalService

“The Stephens Law Firm is a firm that I have worked with for many years. They are aggressive personal injury lawyers that fight for you and your loved ones. I would highly recommend the services of Joe Stephens and his great staff!”

John Z. Google LegalService

“Very professional and dedicated law firm! Do not hesitate to contact them for your legal needs.”

Jamie S. Google LegalService

“When I refer clients to a personal injury attorney in the Houston area it is always to Joe Stephens. Every client I have directed to Joe has always sung his praises concerning the money he recovered for their losses and for the fact that Joe was in it to help them and they could tell he cared more about their needs and getting them made whole than he cared about the money he may make. I personally know he is one of the best trial lawyers around and connects with jurors for the benefit of his clients as well as anyone I have seen.”

George J. Google LegalService

“Joe is one of the most hard-working and personable attorneys in Texas. There's a reason that his clients love and trust him and his opponents are wary of him. I have personally seen him try numerous cases and jurors relate to him.”

Tommy H. Google LegalService

“I am a lawyer and have handled many cases w/ Joe Atephens and he has also represented me. During both experiences I found that Joe is a truly gifted trial attorney. The best! Jack”

Jack B. Google LegalService

“I was injured in a car accident and Mr. Stephens obtained great results for me. I appreciate all he and his firm did throughout the process. If you are looking for an amazing attorney who is a pro in the court room, I highly recommend Mr. Stephens.”

Stefanie G. Google LegalService

“Joe Stephens is a friend, family man and one of the best personal injury attorneys in Texas. For over 25 years+ Joe has specialized representing clients and their family members who have been injured and need professional legal representation to recover money to treat their injuries, lost income and other damages. Joe has extensive connections in the Houston legal community, throughout Texas and nationally. Probably the best compliment I can give him is just how much he cares for his clients needs and works tirelessly to give them his best representation through settlement negotiations or at trial. For these reasons Joe Stephen's is the attorney I contact with questions and referrals involving personal injury law. Sincerely, Charles Warren Esq.

Charles W. Google LegalService

“Great lawyer!”

Scott B. Google LegalService

“I was injured in an accident in 2014 and in contacting Stephens Law Firm, it was more than inspected in many ways. From the first contact with his staff to through the entire process of litigation, the professionialsm continued and the end result was beyond what I expected. It's one thing to be aggressive as an attorney, but to add the professionalism along with it makes it a solid Law Firm. Thank you Mr. Stephens and Staff for caring so much.

Lynn F. Google LegalService


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Houston Lawyer Joe Stephens Seeks Millions for Truck Accident Injury Victim

Shamal Williams suffered injuries to much of his body in a 2018 trucking accident, including developing CRPS, a chronic and debilitatingly painful medical condition. Houston, TX (July 15th, 2019) –...

Dangerous Products Which Hurt or Kill

Houston personal injury attorney Joe Stephens has handled hundreds of Product Liability Cases. He has battled Ford, GM, Remington, GE, and numerous other manufacturers. Companies who design, manufacture or sell...