Teen Arrested For Weekend Hit-and-Run Accident

The best auto collision attorneys in Houston Texas know that when people attempt to flee from police, they are more often than not, eventually caught. A hit an run accident over the weekend left a woman severely injured, and her dog was killed in the incident.

Late last Friday night, Sharon Kiel was walking her dog in the Champions subdivision when a car ran a stop sign at the intersection of Valley Palm and Kilrenny. The driver who has now been identified as 18-year-old Douglas Morehouse Coleman, did not stop to help. Coleman sped away, attempting to flee the scene of the accident, and from his responsibility.

Kiel was injured so severely that she had to be airlifted to Memorial Hermann hospital where she was listed in critical condition. Her injuries included two broken legs, a broken arm, a skill fracture and a torn aorta.

Police tracked Coleman down on Sunday, and charged him with “accident involving injury or death”. His bond was set at $5,000 and he is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Coleman is already on probation following an arrest for marijuana possession earlier this year.

Kevin Fitzmartin, a neighbor of Sharon Kiel heard the accident, and ran to tell Kiel’s husband. He saw Kiel lying bleeding on the street and saw a car speeding away. He was pleased and relieved to hear about Coleman’s arrest on Sunday. “Accidents do happen,” Fitzmartin said. “But people who don’t stop to help someone, society needs to deal with that in a pretty dramatic manner.”

Houston car accident lawyers agree with Fitzmartin. As drivers, we know that piloting a motor vehicle carries with it a certain amount of risk, and accidents, while often tragic and always unfortunate, are part of the modern life that we live. But taking responsibility for your actions when you do make a mistake is part of being an adult- something that the young Coleman is apparently learning the hard way.

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