Soccer Player Killed in Crash On Way To Practice

Houston car wreck law firms are always saddened by an unnecessary death resulting from a motor vehicle accident, but it is especially devastating when the fatality is a young person who is just starting out his life.

At about 7:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning, a San Jacinto College soccer player was killed in a two-car crash in Southeast Harris County. According to Harris County deputies, four young men were traveling south on Beamer Road, on their way to morning soccer practice. The BMW apparently ran a red light at Astria, and was struck on the side by a Honda in the intersection. The BMW then flipped over from the impact of the crash.

18-year old Jose Perez, who was a freshman at San Jacinto College died in the accident. The other three occupants of the BMW suffered only minor injuries and were not hospitalized. The driver of the Honda that struck Perez’s car was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries.

Part of what makes this story especially tragic, other than the age of the victim, is that it was entirely preventable. The young men driving to soccer practice were presumably running late, and decided to run a red light in order to try to make up the time. Most drivers from time to time run a red light or a stop sign, either because they are in a hurry or do not see the traffic light or sign in enough time. If you are in a hurry, and late to something, it is also more likely that you are driving too fast in an attempt to make up the time. Even if you are running late, it is always better to be late to work, an appointment or practice than to be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

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